The undeniable advantages of corner kitchen are examples of stunning interiors and daring solutions


Corner furniture is a great option for both spacious rooms and small kitchens. The room can be both square and rectangular. Such furniture does not take up much space, but is compactly placed in the room. In our photo gallery you will find a variety of variations.

When choosing, it should be remembered that in the L-shaped kitchen you can put both working and dining areas. It should be noted that this type of furniture will look great in the kitchen studio where the reception area can be separated by a bar counter. This is also an excellent choice for those who have not very good planning (uncomfortable window or door arrangement). All this can be correctly corrected, inspired by our photo-ideas.

When choosing a headset, an important role is played by the color scale. Now the furniture can be made in any color scheme. If you are the owner of a small kitchen, then to visually increase the room should choose furniture without upper cabinets. They can easily be replaced with hinged shelves, which will give airiness to the whole interior.

If you need a place to store a large number of kitchen accessories, you should use lighter and pastel colors for the upper cabinets, bright and saturated colors for the lower furniture. In short, corner kitchen – a good choice for a stylish and modern apartment. And in this thread the best photos for you!

Corner kitchens perfectly fit into a small kitchen and a spacious one. It is important only to consider the color scheme depending on the area of ​​the room. If the space is small, then do not overload it with dark tones, and otherwise for the kitchen you can find your beautiful headset.

We have just a small kitchen and it is very important for us. To increase the space is a corner set with a sink in the corner and a corner sofa with a table. It is very convenient. There is a place for cooking and the whole family is located at a common table. The main thing that a sofa with a headset combined in one style.

Corner furniture in modern times is very interesting and convenient option, especially for urban apartments, where the kitchen area is not large enough to place furniture on it "as it will", so corner kitchen furniture in this regard is an excellent solution to the problem with furniture in a small kitchen . In addition, corner furniture in the kitchen looks very compact and relevant, takes up little space. Very interesting design options for corner kitchens, now you can easily decide and choose the option of corner kitchen just for yourself.

I always liked the corner space, whether it's a bathroom, a living room or a kitchen. First, this solution significantly saves space; Secondly, it looks like such an element of interior design is beautiful and original; thirdly, this idea is considered very modern.

Corner kitchen is the most successful and widespread variant of furniture placement. She looks stylish, and helps to save space. Presented options for placing furniture are very like, because in them everything is so accurately thought out. Very beautiful! Thank you!

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