The original design solution for kitchen countertops – finishing concrete is a worthy competition to the generally accepted materials


Concrete – a modest raw material, often used as a foundation of buildings – makes almost inviolable countertops in the kitchen and is offered by skilled craftsmen in various colors and layouts. With these commendable qualities, concrete can win competition from other materials as an excellent solution for the modern kitchen interior.

We learn on concrete examples together: whether it is necessary to consider concrete surfaces as kitchen countertops.

Base: consists of water, a binder and a filler.

Cost: from 700 to 2000 $ per square meter of installation.



Special Considerations: The color of concrete can be given with the following materials for finishing works.

The installer will help you determine which of the best ways to use it to give color to concrete in your case.

Service: as for the care of the majority of table-tops, regular cleaning with a mild soap and a rag is required. It is necessary to avoid aggressive cleaning agents.

Special Considerations: The long-term use of concrete countertops depends on the type of sealant used.

It should be understood that while the concrete itself is almost undetectable, the sealant does not have this property. The coating can be damaged by cutting on the surface of the countertop, cleaning it with aggressive cleaning agents supplied with hot dishes or spilled acidic products.

Careful care of furniture, the use of cutting boards and supports for hot dishes will help preserve the coating, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage to the surface and the accumulation of microorganisms in it.

Environmentally friendly

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