The original design of a small kitchen as an example of creating a confectioner's workspace on a compact square


Confectioner-blogger Yaossai Arefay-Afshar independently developed the original design of a small kitchen. She prepares various delicacies, bakes a lot of cakes to order, especially wedding, and everything takes off on the camera and puts on pages Apt. 2B Baking Co.

To find frequently used tools at hand, they are divided into groups by size and placed in ceramic vases. Now it is also an additional decoration of a small countertop. All the containers are on the board, which is quickly removed when you need to create a large cake table.

Light wooden hanging on the sides has semicircular shelves, made with small kitchen appliances and jars with sugar, nuts and other ingredients of confectionery. Coffee cups just hang from below on hooks.

To create large orders, such as wedding cakes, everything is quickly removed from the work surface and an additional shelf is put forward. In the usual state, the cut-off corner of the countertop makes the kitchen more spacious.

The opposite wall is occupied by a standard set of equipment. The sink, stove and refrigerator have a free space above them for normal use. Therefore, the lower part of the hanging cabinet is stepped to use every part of the space.

Over the plate hood and magnets to the wall are attached knives. A retractable shelf is used for cutting products. Small pots, frying pans and baking dishes are located in enclosed cabinets. The garbage can behind the door under the sink is located at hand, but is hidden and does not spoil the interior design. Large dishes are hung on hooks in the next room of the pantry, but it is rarely used, so it is not difficult to take it there.

All that is needed to prepare food for every day, compactly folded on the shelves of the hanging cabinet. These are working bags and jars, they do not always look decorative, so they are hidden under closed wooden doors.

Bright colors in the design of the kitchen add various drawings and photographs. Diversify and quickly change the decor of the walls allow removable clips for the sheets. Afshar has many friends among artists who constantly come to dinner and contribute to the design of space, give her their paintings and drawings.

Tableware for serving table for guests stored in a cupboard above the desk. It is also used when demonstrating cooking and decorating desserts.

The compactness and rational arrangement of all equipment and devices allows the blogger to shoot without assistance with a camera mounted on the wall. In the lower part of the shelves additional lighting is installed.

The footage is placed on the site, and friends are already sitting in the dining room and are waiting for the beginning of the tasting of the next culinary masterpiece made in a small kitchen.

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