The novelty of the week: spacious and modern interior of the living room for seven seats


In this article, the modern interior of the living room is presented in three versions. All projects demonstrate how you can conveniently accommodate guests, so that they do not experience discomfort and a sense of tightness. Furniture sets almost always look great in showrooms and shops.

But when the kit we selected is at home, we find that it takes up too much space. You can free space by combining several diverse items of furniture. For example, put the banquet next to the seats in the 50 style, and add a sofa without armrests and comfortable chairs.

1. Sunny and sophisticated interior living room area of ​​38,5 m 2

Seats for seven or eight members of the family or guests will be provided by: soft ottoman, light sofa and two armchairs without armrests.

In this way, you can turn a standard room into a modern living room. Those who want to acquire a fireplace should abandon the idea of ​​building a massive stone structure with a massive portal. It is best to give preference to a simple fireplace with a lining made of natural or artificial marble.

The distinctive features of such a living room can be French doors, decorated with air curtains.

A simple and elegant design maintains a sense of spaciousness. Easier to make the interior of light curtains, effectively letting in daylight.

The design secret lies in the low furniture, which gives the visual volume of a relatively narrow room.

2. Bright and bold interior of the living room area of ​​22,1 m 2

A small sofa, an ottoman in the form of a coffee table, two chaise lounges and a pair of designer chairs will make the room very roomy.

Thanks to this approach, comfortable furniture, a fireplace and a home theater can easily fit into the elegant living room. This situation looks great in interiors with an open layout.

The abundance of white shades, diluted with vases of colored glass and metal decor items, gives a sense of light and spaciousness. Turquoise chairs with leather upholstery and a comfortable colored banquet table give the living room a neat and laconic look. The fireplace, faced with white marble tiles looks great. Next to it, by the way, is equipped with a special niche for the TV. A fireplace shelf five-centimeter thick is decorated with voluminous vases and an abstract picture.

A bold combination of luxury and simplicity. Along with the antique objects of decor in the interior can be inexpensive lamps. Cozy sofa, white leather chairs "Barcelona" and a beautiful carpet with leopard print emphasize the special charm and modern character of the design.

3. A surprisingly warm design of a functional living room area of ​​38,7 m 2

The room accommodates a white sofa, a sofa for two and a couple of chairs. The emphasis in this composition is made on the maximum effective use of each free centimeter.

Compact design is supported by the presence of a couch without side supports. Turquoise decor elements on the background of wooden walls and ceiling will look fresh and expressive. Sliding glass doors open onto the terrace. Nearby you can place a dining area and a kitchen island.

In the process of implementing the project it became clear that the existing roof skeleton is not able to retain the new roof window. Therefore, the builders installed wooden rafters for additional support. This helped visually reduce the height of the ceiling and balance the interior.

Today we learned how to make your living room more attractive and compact. In all three examples, sofas and armchairs are arranged in such a way that everyone can feel more free in a well-furnished room. Universal tools to create a sense of spaciousness are to be couches, chairs and sofas without armrests. Share these interesting ideas with your friends!

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