The North Pole as the dominant motif in the original design of the children's room


What do children dream about as a child? They dream to go on a round-the-world trip, to fly to the moon, to visit the North Pole. It was this idea that inspired parents to design this kid's room. We would like to introduce this interior and offer several ideas for the design of a children's room in a similar style.

White walls, white floor, white furniture, polar bears on the wall. All this creates a cool and fresh microclimate in the room. The style is almost minimalist and you can say Nordic. And only a few bright things, like bright strokes, add to the interior of colors and fun.

The interior was rather eccentric for the children's room, but really original. If you liked this idea, before embodying it, consult your child. Find out if he will be comfortable in such a "cool" room? If you decide to embody such an idea, pay attention to the bright accents.

It can be textiles, solved in bright colors, for example, colorful cushions, bedspreads, patchwork carpets. This technique is good in that it allows you to combine incompatible, different fabrics, not only new, different textures, different colors. The products are so cheerful that they can melt any glaciers.

The wall is well decorated with maps, they are bright, and at the same time allow the child to develop cognitive interest and in the game form to teach him the basics of geography. Above the crib or in any other place is to place an image of cute white cubs. Another interesting character that you can use is a seal.

They can be painted or used ready-made stickers. Together with the baby, you can create exciting stories about the adventures of polar bear cubs and their seal friend. So in the game creative form you can open the young pathfinder the fascinating world of the North Pole.

Do not forget that the child will be interested in how you can get to the North Pole. Therefore, any images or toys of icebreakers, aircraft, helicopters and even balloons will be more than appropriate.

Creating a children's interior is very exciting and creative, your love and extraordinary ideas will no doubt make even such an ice palace a warm and cozy place for your baby, and give him the opportunity to explore the surrounding world and develop his creative abilities.

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