The naive charm of rural interiors is an elegant country style kitchen


We offer a look at an interesting selection of kitchen interiors in the style of country. Each of them is the true embodiment of the masters' ideas of comfort and coziness.

In a similar environment, the food turns out tastier, and conversations – more soulful. An ordinary family meal can turn into a noisy feast. All thanks to a special, cozy and emotionally saturated aesthetics. It seems that all elements have their own character and conceal memories of something important.

As it usually happens, the most significant are the details. The area of ​​30 square meters is divided into zones by means of mobile partitions.

If you move them, the kitchen becomes more spacious and ready to receive numerous guests.

Useful constructive complement

Find a good place for a kitchen island is strategically important. He performs a number of aesthetic and practical functions.

Some natural themes

Wicker furniture and decorative objects like baskets and rugs look very simple, natural and at ease. They, in addition, make a textured variety in the interior. It is important to balance the rough and smooth textures to create a truly attractive, exciting interest image.

From wicker accessories to wicker furniture

Sisal cloth is not considered to be the most popular floor covering for the kitchen, but under certain rules it can serve for a long time and please the eye with its naturalness. White furniture on its background will look especially dazzling.

The abundance of cream color in the interior can only be welcomed. It not only stimulates the appetite, but also gives a feeling of home warmth, comfort.

Such a kitchen will appeal to all family members without exception. Prepare your favorite dishes and spend time with leisurely conversations with loved ones here – it's a pleasure. Believe, and the food will seem tastier.

Modernity with natural charm

The inclusion of rough textures and materials with pronounced natural aesthetics casts thoughts on a quiet and hospitable village house.

A cool and practical modernity breaks into the natural harmony. It is intentionally underlined by steel components – a trendy chandelier and furniture fittings.

Country style in the interior of the kitchen is always a win-win choice! Try to reproduce his aesthetics at home, and the admiring reviews of your friends and family will reward you for your work.

Country, combined with fashionable furniture fittings for the kitchen looks great. I've never seen such a floor covering of sisalis my favorite. All this creates an interesting interior

Very surprised floor covering – in combination with chairs and other interior items it looks fresh and interesting. Very nice chosen color scheme of the kitchen – calm beige, pure white. The idea with sliding doors is very interesting – with a simple movement of the hand, the space of the kitchen is doubled.

Country style in design fascinates with its simplicity. The interior of the kitchen is very attractive, and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Despite its simplicity in decoration, the kitchen is modern, functional and comfortable to use. This interior is more suitable for suburban, country houses.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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