The most unusual devices for the kitchen: an interesting selection of unique gadgets


For sure among you there are fans of various adaptations and technical novelties, used in everyday life. Then welcome to the world of original gadgets for the kitchen!

Cooking food

First, read the knife-slicer for slicing strawberries. If you do not live at home chef restaurant from a five-star hotel, it is difficult to expect that you will be able to beautifully divide the berries into accurate slices of the same thickness, even with a sharp knife and an excellent eye.

But now the solution to this problem is in your hands! And it's called a strawberry knife or a strawberry slicer from Harriet Carter.

With it, you quickly get equal in thickness, neat and beautiful pieces of not only berries, but also some fruits for decorating dishes.

The main thing is that the object is sufficiently stable and fit into the instrument. A festive table with beautifully decorated dishes and the admiration of the guests will be another argument for the usefulness of your acquisition.

Elegant slicer for slicing strawberries

The next exhibit of our exhibition is intended for chopping garlic. We load the teeth into the body of the Chef'n GarlicZoom XL Rolling Garlic Chopper, we scroll the internal knives – it's ready!

Together with this device, you buy time saved as a result of not using a simple kitchen knife for this operation.

With the Chef'n Garlic Zoom XL Rolling Garlic Chopper you are the king in the kitchen!

Next, consider a gadget for cutting an avocado. Remove the stone from the half-cut fruit. Then, in two steps, divide the halves into several pieces of the same size and weight.

Stick to each plastic skewers (toothpicks) and you will see a terrific snack. Or cook guacamole (guacamole sauce – a Texan sauce, the recipe of which was born in Mexico) from avocado and tomatoes with the addition of spices.

Avocado Cuber will save a lot of time and effort

Almost any dish, if it's not a dessert, is prepared using a bow – the true master of the kitchen. Whether you cut it with rings, use halves of bulbs or cut them into cubes, one unfortunate circumstance brings these processes together. What kind? Of course, tears! There are home recipes to combat this phenomenon, but they are not a panacea.

Onion Goggles should be recognized as a radical remedy – special glasses like those worn by swimmers to protect the eyes from the oncoming water flow.

It does not interfere with the sensations of aromas, which is important when preparing food. Pasted on the edges of the rims, foam pads isolate the eyes from irritation.

On the inner surface of the lens there is a special coating, preventing their fogging. Perhaps the only drawback of the gadget is the inability to use it over ordinary glasses, for in this case it will be necessary to forget about the tightness.

Onion Goggles – cut onions without tears

And this charming chicken – Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator – quickly and without problems separates the egg white from the yolk. This is a very useful function, for example, when making meringues.

Then the device can be washed and put on the shelf until the next time. There, this little thing will look good among other different beautiful dishes.

Cute Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator, egg white separator

Another device is Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensils. Even if your kitchen has a modern interior design, you may be disappointed by the lack of storage space for various items and utensils.

Disheartened in the drawers of the table and the kitchen utensils scattered around the table top can cause unfortunate incidents in the form of spoiled and burnt food, because in search of the right object you risk not having time to react to the process that began at the stove.

Throwing a spoonful of hot, taken from a bowl with boiling water, you risk getting a burn, accidentally grabbing for it. And frequent cleaning and relocation of kitchen objects also does not add optimism.

The Palmers Department Store (UK) offers Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensils kit not only in retail but also for ordering it by mail. These colorful accessories will complement other original elements of the kitchen decor.

In the handles of the objects are magnets, as a result of which, being placed vertically in the pan, all the accessories are held together by one group. In general, they occupy an astonishingly small place in the kitchen, which is what you needed!

With Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensils, the right tool is always at hand

Are you familiar with the situation when four or five sets of measuring mugs intermixed in a glass box with another utensil or with each other? To get the right size at the given moment is also problematic, like winning the lottery.

Owl Measuring Cups is one of the possible solutions to the problem. Choose the color you like and put a set of mugs on the shelf. It will be part of the kitchen decor. If necessary, you will easily get the right mug.

Nesting Owl Measuring Cups, complete sets of measuring mugs "Owl" in various colors

Cookie cutters, cookie cutters, are always in demand, if you have children or often come to visit lovers of sweet. Round biscuits, strictly speaking, taste no different from figured. But the children will not agree with you!

Pussies, dogs, cockerels, bunnies, fish, ducks, bears – you can not find any images, and they all turn a simple treat into a fairy tale. Nowadays, you can buy these accessories on the Internet.

Old molds will revive childhood memories

However, not only molds for biscuits, but also any other antique dishes will not be superfluous in the modern kitchen. Even in the 30-ies of the twentieth century, many items of kitchen utensils were made of aluminum, so they are durable and do not rust.

Despite the eighty years of service, they have retained their functionality and are in great shape!

Kitchen antiques sample 1930 year is back in fashion

It's time to please numerous pizza lovers. Perhaps, many of you, who himself can make beautiful samples of this popular dish, often arrange holidays. Inviting friends to a party, you are pleased to treat them with delicious results of their creativity.

For this case, a special pizza cutter, Rock'n'Roll Pizza Cutte, is very useful. This modern subject, which does not have moving parts, may well come in handy for professionals.

The cut is clean, the filling to the blade does not stick. If the pizza has a large (over 30 cm) diameter, then it can be cut with pendulum movements of the cutter.

With smaller dimensions, the tool simply rolls over the pizza. The table top and the dish are not damaged. In the dishwasher, the cutter must be in the upper compartment. Rock and roll Pizza Cutter will not scratch the countertop or dishes

Knife for pizza Rock'n'Roll Pizza Cutte slices a delicious wheel for perfect slices

In recent years, one of the main summer problems for many people is unprecedented heat. Fight it with various methods.

One way to overcome discomfort is increased intake of ice cream. This method will be especially effective when you start making this dessert at home.

Having chosen a suitable recipe, you can improve it by adding juice or fruit. But the whole trouble is that ice cream in such heat is selling like hot cakes, so it will need a lot of treats.

Especially if you have children – the main consumers of this cool yummy. It is difficult to solve this problem by standard means.

But there is a way out. It's Onyx Ice Pop Molds, long-lasting molds in polished stainless steel. There is a stand with cells in which you can put new portions for freezing as the cups are freed.

In other words, the process of preparation is continuous, since for the production of the next batch, it is not necessary to wait for the release of all the containers.

Forms for ice cream Onyx Ice Pop Molds will be your faithful helpers in the fight against summer heat

Any difference

For irrigation of some dishes with lemon or lime juice, it is preferable to use fresh fruits instead of canned food and concentrates contained in bottles and cans.

Technology is this: a circle is cut from the fetus, which is then squeezed out into food or put in tea. The remaining citrus is stored in the refrigerator.

If the fetus is used rarely, it can dry out. Quirky Stem Hand Juicer, a hand-held juicer, avoids this. Just paste this gadget into the citrus, press and squirt the juice from this natural bottle!

Quirky Stem Hand Juicer

Quirky Stem Hand Juicer

Kitchen gadgets are simply irreplaceable things in the kitchen of a modern hostess. They will help to prepare a dish more quickly without much effort. Particular attention should be paid to points, thanks to which when cutting onions you can do without tears. Very interesting and convenient thing, I want to try it in use in my kitchen.

Gadgets for the kitchen are the dream of every mistress. This thing can be called such tools that can significantly facilitate the process of cooking and bring him extreme pleasure. It's wonderful!

Great ideas! I think they will please any mistress! Especially I liked glasses for cleaning and cutting onions. And that, it is very convenient, put on, and the tears do not flow. And then personally I always cry, when I clean or cut the onions. And from the chopper of garlic and knife-sliceer, I would not, honestly, either.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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