The most important parameters for determining the cost of the kitchen island


The island is almost the most important element of any kitchen interior. It almost always takes a central place and coordinates the placement of other components. It's enough to replace the island, and the kitchen environment will completely change. The cost of such a project will depend on several aspects. It is important to calculate it in advance in order to assess its capabilities and be guaranteed to remain within the budget.

Decide on the dimensions

The size of the kitchen island is one of the most important factors affecting its price. Before finally determining the dimensions, decide exactly where you would like to place it and carefully measure all key distances. The form is also the parameter that should be taken into account when searching for the perfect kitchen island.

Think about the details

Kitchen island – a multifunctional element of the environment, which can have different features. There is a possibility that you will want to increase storage space at his expense.

Or use it as a bar counter or a breakfast table. And maybe you need an additional sink, a large work surface or something? Having understood what exactly you want from the kitchen island, you will calculate its cost with a high degree of accuracy.

Provide possible additional costs

Even if you intend to install a kitchen island yourself, it will be difficult to completely avoid professional help. May, for example, require the services of an electrician, plumber or even a designer, who will also have to pay. Materials, fittings, equipment . Making changes in any of these components will inevitably affect the final cost of the island.

Understanding how much exactly the island of your dreams will cost, you can clearly plan all the stages of kitchen repair and avoid over-expenditure of the budget.

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