The modern interior of the living room: ways of visual expansion of space


Modern interior of the living room: a bright combination of red and white colors

The modern interior of the living room can be different. It all depends on the size, color scheme and degree of illumination. Each living room can be turned into a stylish and cozy space, it is enough only to know a few secrets of literate design and not be afraid to show imagination.

Focus on the floor

The floor covering of dark wood has the ability to visually expand the space. Especially in combination with a light carpet covering the area not completely. Furniture on legs is preferred for decorating living rooms. The floor beneath it is partially visible, which creates a sense of spaciousness.

Light carpet on a dark parquet floor

Use walls

Obviously, walls, ceiling and floor determine the dimensions of the room, both physical and visual. Really change the area of ​​the living room without serious constructive changes is impossible, but there are able to visually expand the space. One of them is the decoration of walls with bright geometric prints. The effectiveness of this approach increases in the presence of the light-colored sex.

Brightly decorated wall and light parquet

Do not clutter passages

Even the largest room can become tight and uncomfortable if all of its space is tightly furnished. Plan placement of the furnishings in such a way that none of the inhabitants of the house is uncomfortable when moving around the room.

A variety of seating and a fireplace with an interesting finish

Add bright accents

Use an effective element that can attract attention and thereby make people not notice the modest dimensions of the room. Include in the interior an interesting detail, different in style or color from the rest of the interior. It can be a bright accessory, a whimsical piece of furniture or a painting with an abstract storyline.

Bright living room with bright furniture

Use the ability of mirrors to reflect light

Mirrors visually push the boundaries and reflect light, which allows the room to look larger than it really is. Place them next to the most attractive interior details. With its role, both large floor mirrors and compositions made from compact mirrors will do fine.

Black sofa and large mirror

When decorating a living room, think carefully about choosing and placing each component of the interior. Free as much space as possible, rationally arrange furniture and choose the appropriate textiles. Let your living room become the most popular place in the house!

Wallpapers with geometric print and bright furniture

Seating area, equipped in a hollow in the floor

Bright carpet by the fireplace with gray finish

Mirror over a fireplace with a brick portal

Zoning space with furniture

Upholstered furniture with colorful upholstery in combination with a light floor

Fancy Decor and Floor Mirror

The living room with built-in corner shelves for books on either side of the fireplace

Sectional mirror over a white sofa

Custom made bookshelves height from floor to ceiling

Contrast combination of bright furnishings

An intriguing picture framed by two bookcases

Built-in bookcases with ladder

Elements of the Moroccan style in modern interpretation

Fireplace with portal, tiled with blue tiles

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