The modern bathroom and the eternal truths of the classic interior


Bathroom – a place that does not occupy the largest area in the house, and the smaller it is, the more effort it takes to design. The classic interior of a modern bathroom is created by the unity of the basic design concept, which includes

  • finishing of surfaces (floor, walls, ceiling) with the help of high-quality and durable materials,
  • carefully selected furniture and accessories, plumbing, a traditional water supply system,
  • a combination of different types of lighting,
  • a calm color scheme.

The classical bathroom harmoniously combines simplicity, practicality and exterior appeal. Classics – durable and always relevant.

Finishing materials

Bathroom, associated with the elements of water, requires protection of the surfaces of the ceiling, the floor, and mostly the walls.

Inside the bathroom, ceramic tiles are an ideal choice for decorating walls.

Large-format glittering ceramic tiles serves as an ideal cover for walls and floors, a pattern of light tone under the marble brings a note of tenderness and sophistication to the interior of a luxurious bathroom in classic style

To make a good choice of ceramic tiles, you must first determine the location of its placement. Unsuccessful arrangement of the most high-quality and expensive tiles can produce the impression of cheap and poor-quality coating.

Ceramic tiles – a material that never goes out of fashion, has excellent performance properties – strength and durability, relatively simple installation. But that the bathroom does not disappoint its owners, you need to take care not to damage the tile due to poor styling and do not ruin the finish.

Current trends

Currently, interior designers use tiles of different colors and textures to highlight one of the walls, a shower or wash-basin area.

Combinations of tiles of different colors and textures are relevant like never before. An interesting option for large and well-lit rooms – a brilliant finish with notes of colors of metallic shades.

Another fashionable technique is the use of inserts of different formats and layout (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). This technique helps create an unusual interior design.

When choosing a bathroom tile, you should pay attention not only to its external advantages, but also to the material of which it is made.

Ceramics and porcelain are traditional and relatively economical materials.

Toughened glass and porcelain tiles are innovative materials, the glossy texture of which will give the room a charm and charm. Tiles made of glass and porcelain stoneware are not porous, so they do not absorb moisture, are constantly maintained in good condition and easy to clean. Ceramic granite can be used not only to cover the walls, but also the floor. One of the advantages of tiles – a huge selection of natural colors and textures.

The flooring of the flooring with a small section of porcelain tiles in tone is combined with the finishing of walls, ceiling and bathroom equipment

Water-repellent wallpaper, created by new technologies, allows using them in rooms with high humidity – in kitchens and bathrooms. Their great advantage is decorativeness. You can pick up and apply to the surface of any pattern that will revive the monochrome surface.

Ceramic tiles, of large or small format, of various shapes – rectangular, square, polygonal, are traditionally used for flooring. Economical option – laminate, more expensive – luxurious marble tiles. An interesting option – a wooden flooring, which gives warmth and a sense of presence in the sauna.

Bath or hydrobox?

In a confined space, there may be a question of choosing between a bathroom and a shower. If the economy of the footage is not the most acute, then an interesting solution is a combination of both.

(54 The bathroom and shower zones are well distributed in the bathroom room, the unusual configuration of the room is effectively used to release a large amount of free space)

Each object has its own purpose. The bathtub is suitable for long-term relaxation, and the shower is for quick use. In the eastern tradition, take a bath with aromatic herbs and essential oils only after a preliminary cleansing of the body under the shower.

Bathroom and shower are rationally inscribed in a relatively small room

If the bathroom is located in the bedroom, then all its components are selected taking into account the limited space, in this room also the compositional unity is observed – in the tone of the marble or ceramic tile, the table top is added to the dressing table, plumbing and furniture.

The bathroom and bedroom make up a compositional unity in color, illumination system, furniture items and decoration

The use of shower cabins is an effective means of saving square meters.

In a small room, the choice is made in favor of the hydrobox

Combining a classic bathroom with a shower stall is not an easy task, but there are several techniques that will help to solve this problem.

Form of booth

The first thing to take into account is the form of the hydrobox. Square, rectangular and semi-circular bases are used. Square is most often used in the sizes of the sides from 60 cm to 100 see. Rectangular and semicircular allow to decorate the room space more dynamically.

The square base of the hydrobox allows you to comfortably take a shower, rationally distribute in the room all other interior items

The doors of modern shower cabins can have a different design – open themselves traditionally swinging outward or inward, moving apart, folding. There are options without a door (walk-in construction).

Materials for pallets

Acrylic. The most common material with several advantages: high strength, good heat conductivity, shiny surface. This material retains its original appearance for a long time, creates pleasant tactile sensations. The usual small height of the acrylic pallet facilitates entry and exit from the shower.

Composite. It consists of a stone crumb, welded with high quality resins. By its strength and durability is not inferior to a solid stone covering.

Ceramics. A material that never goes out of fashion, due to its practicality and external appeal. The disadvantage is the sensitivity to rough mechanical action, as a result of which chips and scratches may appear.

Stainless steel. The performance of the material is very high. Lack of relative-too noisy under the action of water jets.

The ceramic pallet as an elevation on a wooden floor covering identifies the area of ​​the hydrobox as the focal center of the room

Screens and partitions

Without protection from the flow of running water, there is not a single shower. For this purpose, the traditional curtain for the bathroom is suitable, but the elegance of the panels and the transparent or frosted tempered glass make them more cosmopolitan, trendy and relevant. Glazing can be designed uniquely, thanks to the pattern applied to it.

Glazed panels protect the bathroom from the water flow from the hydraulic box and at the same time create the impression of a voluminous and well-lit space

Tastefully selected curtains for baths can easily and effectively change the appearance of the room, make it ultramodern, vintage, ethnic.

Traditional curtain for the bathroom and decorative inserts in the floral theme "enliven" the white interior of the bathroom, make it more glamorous and fun

Bathroom equipment

bath – one of the indispensable attributes of the room, unless, of course, there is a choice in favor of replacing it with a hydrobox. In the classical design of the presence of the bath is mandatory, around it all other elements of the building are built. The modern plumbing market offers a huge number of options that will help create an exclusive interior. In fashion, ancient forms of baths in the form of a well, a boat, a bowl.

Modern forms are also elegant, despite the apparent simplicity, include a regular or truncated geometry – a drop, a cone, a rhombus, a rectangle.

Washbasins are selected taking into account the general style design of the bathroom, which most often coincides in color and texture with the coating of the walls. The classic option is the sinks on the pedestal, which are used as an independent object, not inscribed in the furniture set, table top. They are distinguished by a wide variety of shapes (oval, rectangular, free shell configurations on pillars, triangles, in the form of a flower stem), are functional, save space, but give little opportunity to place bathroom accessories.

Traditional classic washbasin on a rack in the shape of a ribbed column saves space for a bathroom that visually seems great

For a modern bathroom in a classic style, traditional shells of faience, more modern and stylish offers of manufacturers – shells of tempered glass or stone. Sinks from onyx or marble look luxurious and exquisite.

Techno style is distinguished by the prevailing rectangular forms of all components of the design of the bathroom, including a washbasin, decorated "under the stone"

Water supply accessories. The water fittings are the most important element of the bathroom design. Various forms, finishes, technologies and styles provide unity of function and design, make the design complete.

The faience sink of the traditional design is functionally complemented with a marble worktop on the brackets, which are organically combined with metal trebs and faucets of the water supply system

Brilliant chrome taps, shower hoses perform not only a direct function, but also serve as effective decorative elements.

The metal elements of the water supply system are functional and exquisitely decorative

Radiators. For a cold and humid room, it is important to use special radiators – dryers for towels and bathrobes. They can be of different design and design – wall-mounted, arranged in the form of consoles or folding.

Wall bracket in stainless steel for drying towels is functional and decorative


Furniture, in which washbasins are often integrated, can consist of stone elements (table top), wooden (racks, drawers and shelves) or MDF laminated or lacquered, modern transparent acrylic.

Marble countertop washroom – an organic part of the interior in shades of gray

In spacious rooms in order to create a cozy atmosphere it is appropriate to use different types of seats, for example, a leather chair, a wooden chair or a bench.

Accessories and decor elements

Change the style of the bathroom can be done by upgrading important elements of the interior. It's about the bathroom and other plumbing, this is the first thing you pay attention to when entering the room. But also small functional details and decorative role play small details in the form of bath accessories – creams, soaps, brushes, combs, sponges, towels and napkins.

The decorative composition includes a decorative insert in the wall surface, panels, beautifully placed expensive toiletries and an artificial flower, which in appearance is practically indistinguishable from a living plant

Although lovers of minimalism may want to hide such accessories behind the facades of racks and shelves of cabinets.

Open shelving facades and closed drawers allow you to organize storage of bathroom accessories with maximum convenience

The charm and personality of the bathroom are attached to the details. Decorative elements can serve as wall panels in frames, artificial or living indoor plants.

Complement the composition and make it a more homemade matched bath mat.

A small mat in the bathroom is functional and decorative


To create a stylish bathroom, you should take care of its good lighting. Shadow is not the best decoration for a room, besides, it visually reduces space, so the best option is a combination of artificial and natural lighting.

The combined illumination system includes natural and artificial lighting sources, the intensity of which is enhanced and beautifully refracted from the surfaces of mirrors and glass facades of furniture

Of course, not everyone is a happy owner of a window in the bathroom, but if it is there, then it should be used to the maximum. Penetrating sun rays make the interior light, warm and dynamic.

Large windows in the bathroom provide unhindered flow of natural light and allow the use of artificial lighting as an additional element of decor

For artificial lighting, you should choose the central (ceiling or wall) location of the source of intense radiation, for example, white halogen lamps.

Halogen lamps in the lighting of the bathroom in combination with a white finish of the ceiling and walls create a sense of transparency and volume. Reception of contrast with a dark covering of a floor does a light more bright and intensive


In the interior of the bathroom, mirrors play an important role. In addition to its direct function, perform tasks to visually increase space, and also participate as an element of light design. Ultra-modern versions represent "smart" mirrors, which serve as a kind of monitor showing data, for example, about the weather, or allowing you to adjust the temperature and lighting of the bathroom. Modern mirror surfaces are made with the help of LED-backlight (white or color) or classic lamps with glass shades. Mirrors can have any form – from strictly geometric to amorphous futuristic.

Color spectrum

Cleanliness, freshness, relaxation in the evenings and awakening of energy in the morning are feelings that arise in a properly designed bathroom.

Ideal white color, but its elegance is strict and cold.

The interior of the bathroom in the white color scheme does not impress the "strict sterility and coldness" due to the floor covering in the warm color of the dry earth

A more individual, intimate space can be created with the help of experiments with chromatic tones, which in their own way affect the perception and generate the desired mood. To prevent the dominant color from tiring, you should "dilute" it with other tones, but do not forget about the rule – do not use more 3 colors in the same room.

The coldness of the white interior and the rigor of rectangular shapes are mitigated by the accessories in red tones that impart brightness, energy and dynamism to the space

A good option – a game of light and dark shades of the same color. Fans of aesthetics of feng shui choose mainly pastel colors (pink, green, blue) or neutral (cream, yellow, ocher color).

The bathroom in pastel brown-cream tones has a soothing and relaxing effect, the perfect combination for decorating the room in a classic style

Blue – a soft color, in which can be decorated or walls, or ceiling, causes a sense of calm and lightness.

The soft blue finish is harmoniously combined with white or beige furniture and the same bathroom

Brown – a color that perfectly matches with beige tones, is associated with nature and the elements of the earth. This range is suitable for an elegant men's bathroom, symbolizing timelessness and moderation. Choosing for the design of a brown tone, one should listen to the opinion of designers who advise to avoid chocolate shades obscuring the room.

(9 Brown-beige color scheme creates an atmosphere of warmth and solidity in the interior of the bathroom with the dominant strict geometry of the facades of furniture and equipment)

Accessories or, for example, a frame of a mirror, can be executed in violet or orange tones, bringing sensations of joyful energy.

The inclusion of elements of plum color (upholstery of furniture, towels, wallpaper, veins on ceramic tiles of panels), make the room feminine and glamorous. This tone warms the space, brings to it the notes of romanticism. Plumbing and furniture must be white.

Accessories of plum blossom in the interior of the bathroom

The bath is the wettest room in the house, so you should take care of a good ventilation system to maintain a healthy atmosphere for the person and the durable functioning of all the rooms in the room. If the bathroom has a window, then open it as often as possible to ventilate and dry the room.

The design of the window in the English style allows you to easily raise and lower the frame and leave the necessary clearance for airing the room

A beautiful bathroom is sensitive to disorder and carelessness, which can nullify the designer's efforts.

Perfect order and cleanliness are the pledge not only of the health of the user of the bathroom, but also of the constant perfection of her style design

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