The kitchen of the week: bright design, spaciousness and modern approach to solving all problems


The whole house, which today is to meet the readers, was divided into many small rooms. A small room, in which food was prepared, strangely moved into an oblong dining room, forming an angular structure. Behind the wall was the living room.

The owners of all this had three basic desires, each of which was embodied in the work of specialists. And each of them allowed to develop an interior design that would match the bright characters of the household, make their life more easy, fun and boring.

The first thing that the masters needed to take care of was removing the excess partitions, to create one space that was well lit. Further, customers dreamed of preserving as many facades as possible of mahogany, as well as a canvas of bamboo, which decorated the surface. And finally, they wanted to bring more playfulness and warmth into their lives.

Kitchen "before": the main attention was attracted to wood

Kitchen "after": all the facades were involved in the new project, and supplemented with glass tiles

But the former living room, pay attention to the sofa at the wall

First of all, the excess partitions were demolished. The kitchen in the Art Nouveau style merged with the dining room and the living room. This allowed to make the room visually large, spacious and bulky. Light from a large window began to reach the work area, the situation began to play with new colors.

Then the masters took care of the furniture. They managed to save on its production, taking as a basis furniture from IKEA. It was covered with a good varnish, used old green mahogany facades, as well as bamboo straps. The result was charming, non-standard and very attractive.

The same living room after the modification, the sofa in the same place

The chandelier in the living room was fixed in a hidden beam, there was also a branch of the wiring. A number of unobtrusive spotlights were launched along the ceiling, and the new lamp moved to the least lit corner. Its steel radiance and futuristic, dynamic form deserve attention.

But back to the kitchen, there over the table, the naked light bulbs on the cheerful cords wrap around the steel crossbar, and this design gives the necessary amount of light to the table. In the apron of the working area, a glass brown tile is used. Natural shade is good next to green and white, and the amazing shine makes the whole room even brighter.

The carpet in the living room from Angela Adams echoes the grassy colors of the facades, and helps communicate the combined territories. But the dining table as if divides the space into zones, it differs in an interesting form. And it was in the work on him that the specialists had to break his head.

The narrow, cramped former kitchen

Now it is organically integrated into the overall plan

It was decided to trim with a bamboo canvas, in which each stem creates a continuous strip. But the length of the available material was not enough for the whole structure. That is why not only did not hide the highly visible joints, but also emphasized their dark stickers. In the same manner, they decorated a decorative cutting board.

Funny way to solve the problem of lack of bamboo cloth

Beautiful accessory in addition to finishing the table

Layout of the house "before"

Lay-out of the house "after"

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