The interior of the open kitchen: illustrative examples of organization of space


The interior of an open kitchen, as a rule, consists of several zones. Let's consider some concrete examples:

1. Kitchen with a large panoramic window, located above the worktop, in one of the private houses in Richmond, Virginia.

The development of this design involved specialists Heather Gruffitz and John White from the company 510_Architects, which the owners of the house were asked to do so that while doing cooking, they could watch two kids playing in the courtyard.

2. A kitchen with several work desks in a cottage located in Connecticut.

Its owners are a family with three older children who often bring their friends home. Therefore, the designers of the company Sellars Lathrop Architects Howard Lathrop, Anne Lathrop and Matthew Jurgens tried to divide the room into several separate islets, which can simultaneously accommodate a large number of people.

3. Modern decor, combining elements of dark wood and natural stone, with windows under a high ceiling.

Designed by Stefan Brans of Bruns Architecture for a married couple living in Madison, Wisconsin, who periodically hosts a large number of guests in his home.

And what are your impressions of these projects?

The interior of the open kitchen is an excellent solution for visual expansion of space, allowing extroverts to fully realize their craving for communication. The options presented in the article look very aesthetically and functionally.

To create such an interior with an open kitchen you need a lot of free space and, preferably, a country house or a cottage.

An important role in the interior of an open kitchen is played by competent zoning, the examples in the article are very good, it is worth paying attention to not making mistakes. And I can not help but note how great the kitchen island looks! In large rooms, it fits perfectly. Such a convenient design, if I had a bigger kitchen, I would surely have built something like this.

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