The interior of the old house, which became a fashionable penthouse


It is difficult to change the interior of an old house, preserving its identity and at the same time bringing it closer to modern realities. However, in today's project, both tasks have been resolved with brilliance.

The project was created by the design studio Brian Meyerson Architects, based in Sydney. Surprisingly, modern developments perfectly blended with the architecture of the buildings and structures erected in 1920 in the city of Bondi Beach on one of Sydney's most famous beaches.

The house, barely visible from the street, opens a fantastic view of the ocean from a large terrace. There is also a magnificent swimming pool and some stylish furniture.

The relatively large size of the roof allowed to move the frontal part of the penthouse deeper, to "untie" its architecture from the existing one and make it independent.

The superstructure is made of very simple steel structures of arbitrary shape. And part of the walls are completely glazed, which gives the old facade an even more stylish look.

According to talented architects, the concept of the project was to add a living space to a room that has its own history and place in the familiar environment.

As a result of all the work done, a light light metallic addition to the existing structure was formed. It creates a strong visual contrast with the monolithic masonry of the main building.

This technique seems to symbolize the essential differences between "new" and "old" concepts.

At the junction yesterday and today

The proximity to the ocean (in fact this is practically the first row of residential buildings), as well as the absence of any high-rise buildings around makes the panoramic view one of the main advantages. From the side, this trendy trend looks very unusual.

In conclusion, we can say that the project was a success. To live in such a place is a pleasure!

Imagine: over an ordinary three-story, inconspicuous house, a massive construction of metal and glass, made in the ultramodern style, rises.

An impressionable viewer may have a feeling that an alien ship has landed here! Modern interior design should be exactly this, is not it?

As visitors see the interiors of the rooms, the innovations look surprisingly harmonious in the neighborhood with the old. The layout is open and spacious, the boundaries between the inner and outer are completely blurred thanks to the glass walls that make the Bondi penthouse bright and spacious.

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