The interior of the kitchen is brown – the choice of self-confident people


The kitchen, decorated in brown tones, for many decades remains at the peak of popularity. And from this pedestal it can not be displaced not by new-fangled bright shades of kitchen sets, nor by classical black-and-white design. And the fact is that it is the color of natural wood and chocolate that creates in the interior a unique calmness, comfort, elegance, comfort and warmth of the family hearth. It is the kitchen in brown color that prefers a huge number of people who started repairs in their apartment. The widest range of shades of this color, which are perfectly combined with other colors, makes it possible to realize the most original and unique design ideas.

This kitchen is ideal for people who appreciate not only the aesthetics of the interior, but also its practicality. As a rule, the kitchen set of brown shades does not require special care, unlike light facades. This noble color can not be better suited for creating a classic interior and those styles in which only natural colors are used, for example, chalets or country.

Which shade of brown to choose

Classic genre for the kitchen – furniture from natural wood. But in our time for many furniture from the array is not available because of its high cost. But furniture from cheaper materials made for natural wood is an ideal option. And then just a huge selection of shades, ranging from black-brown wenge and ending with the color of cocoa with milk. And all of them can be combined and intertwined with each other, creating a unique and most importantly comfortable atmosphere.

Kitchen in brown tones, whatever they are, warm, cold, light or dark – it's a win-win option for self-confident, purposeful and accomplished personalities.

With what to combine a brown color

Ideal for combination are caramel, beige and cream tones. A good companion for a deep dark brown will be the color of champagne or ivory. The use of these paints will shade the basic brown color, soften it and favorably emphasize it. For more vivid accents in the kitchen, fruit and berry shades can be used as companions.

It will be interesting to look at various textures and patterns in the decoration of surfaces and textiles. The inclusion of relief patterns is an indispensable condition for those kitchens in which there are a minimum number of contrasts and transitions of shades. Using only glossy, smooth or matte surfaces will make the overall picture blurry and smeared.

Practical tips for color distribution

To make the room look dull and gloomy in the kitchen, several interesting contrasts should be added. For example, against the background of light-colored walls it is appropriate to use a dark brown headset. To soften such a bright contrast, a floor covering of a warm caramel shade will do.

An interesting solution against the white walls will be black-brown furniture with white facades included in it, a white working wall and a table top.

For lovers of dark interiors, a great option will be a kitchen with a combination of dark furniture, a steel countertop in the tone of kitchen appliances and a working wall lined with fine mosaic tiles that combines all the shades used. In this interior, you can use other shades, for example, paint the walls in the color of the sea wave, the shades of which will be present in the finish of the working area.

If more light and warm colors are preferable, then the kitchen in honey-brown tones is ideal. For the design of such kitchens, it is best to choose furniture in the color of alder, red oak, beech, cherry, sakura or light wenge. In this design of the kitchen appropriate light walls and ceiling, dark floor and contrasting elements in the form of countertops, tiles on the working wall and chairs in the dining area.

Original in the design of the kitchen looks a combination of dark brown with white and gray. This kitchen looks very elegant and reserved. The combination of colors in this interior should be made as calm as possible. Therefore, all the equipment for the kitchen should be in metallic color, the table top under the natural stone in gray with brown interspersed, and in the working area the tile, which is the main decorative element that unites all the used shades.

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brown color in everything. And in the kitchen, it looks warm and cozy. If to speak

about the material, it is important for me that

it was natural. At one time, when the kitchen was looking, it seemed that the request

I'm very simple, but in practice it turned out that if we consider the comparison

prices and quality, almost nothing

could pick up. I have a kitchen from solid oak. Looks

just chic, and at a price, it's not unprofitable at all.

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