The interior of a very small kitchen – the magic of design!


The stylish interior of a very small kitchen is not a fantasy. This is a very real opportunity for your home! See photos of 7 cute miniature kitchens, many of which are just about a meter in length. It's interesting to find out how everything was there.

Very practical design of the Swedish studio provides only the most basic: a sink, a stove with two burners and a refrigerator built into the work table. Thanks to the single-colored tableware, the kitchen looks neat and clean.

In a tiny kitchen from Fantastic Frank, there was enough space, even for a dishwasher.

The design from the French studio A + B Kasha is thought out so subtly that it is possible not to understand that the kitchen is in front of you.

The area of ​​the tiny Parisian apartment is only 37 square meters. This did not stop the designer Marianne Evennou from realizing bold and beautiful ideas.

The kitchen of this tiny studio apartment in Stockholm is equipped in the best way. Tiny washbasin, cooker for two burners, built-in refrigerator.

At the moment I'm also working on creating an interior of a very small kitchen in my apartment. The project is quite complicated in terms of execution, because the room is long and narrow. To place a table with two chairs, a kitchen set, a refrigerator and other household appliances, I had to try very hard.

A competent arrangement of the interior of a very small kitchen is considered by many as something of a fantasy level. However, the selection of photos for the article once again proved one indisputable truth: everything is possible, if you try.

Such a cool selection, all the photos were like. The interior of a very small kitchen – the task is generally very complicated, well, when there are such examples. You can organize the repair of your own kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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