The easiest way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is to recolor their interior parts


Today we will tell you how to update the kitchen cabinets and add bright colors to the interior. When repairing the kitchen, as a rule, carefully think over the appearance and layout of cabinets, without thinking about how they look from the inside, because it does not seem so important. But their internal appearance can complement and significantly revitalize the overall color of the kitchen!

Look, what a beautiful corner created an elegant colorful exterior in combination with the soft attractive color of the wall behind the glass of the sideboard.

It is important to take into account the combination of the internal background and dishes on the shelves with the rest of the interior of the room.

Interior stylistics wins if the color of the kitchen furniture is balanced with other color solutions of the room. In the photo, a soft blue window frame and chairs against a background of the same color are a single whole.

Very bright colors are very popular. But bright decor elementssuch as a variegated tabletop and a red inner wall of the dishwasher section enliven the room. Quite the right thing is the white items on her shelves.

Frosted glass softens the color of the interior. So try a few different shades to get the desired color intensity.

Are your glass doors not glass doors? Then a nice coloring of his inner walls will cause your smile whenever you open it.

Imagine a table with a white tablecloth on which is full of silver appliances. What a pleasure you will experience by opening these doors.

Open shelves on the color solution coincide with the wall, why an interesting color game is created.

The total color scheme of the room It is not broken by a pattern on the walls of a hanging cupboard. The interior becomes more interesting due to the bright orange objects on the shelves and the table.

The back wall of the cupboard is decorated with wallpaper. Instead, you can use the fabric, fastening it with staples or glue.

Very attractive look kitchen cabinets with the addition of a thin sheet of wood at the top.

The wood trim gives a natural look that can not be achieved by painting. Of course, it will cost more, but you can find an affordable option. It all depends on the manufacturer who will offer different materials: walnut veneer, wallpaper or fabric.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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