The design of the wine cellar – 20 chic ideas for your home


The use of stone will give the wine cellar a more classical execution

The magnificent design of the wine cellar is the ideal way for the landlord to demonstrate and enjoy his favorite pastime. Whether it's a small corner under a staircase that has turned into a wine storage space or a full cellar, the wine cellar will be incomplete without a tasting room.

Usually they are united in one room. A small table, a couple of chairs and cozy lighting – everything you need. Some, however, prefer to have a separate room for tasting, which is the continuation of the cellar itself.

Stylish projects

A tasting room next door to a wine cellar is a great option if you can afford not to save space. One of the favorite projects is a hall in the spirit of the classic club of gentlemen. This conception of timelessness combines formal elegance, daily routine and light chic.

Another popular style is rustic with Tuscan touches. Since most of us represent wine tasting rooms surrounded by vineyards, this option will make it easy to leave your familiar surroundings.

Antique chairs and a table in one of the tasting rooms

A chic wine cellar and a spacious tasting room

Find more space!

If the extra space for you is a luxury, why not combine a beautiful wine cellar with a small tasting area in the center? It's pretty simple. You will need a table, several chairs or bar stools. A barrel in place of a table is a pretty popular idea. Traditional table with special stands for bottles of wine and glasses – classics of the genre.

Reasonably use the corner space in the wine cellar

A small and convenient wine tasting area in small cellars

A modern wine cellar and a glazed tasting room

Stylish and at the same time relaxing corner in the wine cellar

Colorful strokes

At first glance, the presence of bright colors in the tasting room may seem strange. We are used to the fact that there is only one style (mostly rustic) and one shade (wooden surfaces and warm yellow tones). However, you can experiment and add a bright splash to your wine cellar. A colorful table or chairs will bring liveliness and lightness into the dark space.

The bright expressive corner looks unusual

A series of 8 chairs in blue creates a cool atmosphere in the room

Bright upholstery of chairs adds color and informal charm to the room with stone walls

Mediterranean elegance

Tasting rooms in the Mediterranean style are incredibly popular. Stone walls, overhanging arches and wooden ceilings create an atmosphere beyond time. The world, filled with simple straight lines and clean modern design, visual and textural contrast, can revive your feelings as well as possible.

A magnificent table complements the classic style of the wine room

A minimalist wine rack for a tasting room with a keg and stools

Tasting table with extra space for glasses

Tasting rooms in the Mediterranean style – always the current trend

In which of the presented cellars did you want to skip a glass of good wine?

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