The design of the veranda is the visiting card of your house


The veranda is a real summer room, designed for relaxation in the warm season. In addition, it is still the very first impression of the whole house, i.e. some kind of your calling card. Therefore, its design should also be carefully thought out, like the design of any other room. And it depends largely on whether the veranda is glazed or not. This moment immediately determines a number of others, for example, whether there will be soft furniture and other interior items. After all, the glazed veranda can be arranged like a real room, while an open version (terrace) is only for good weather, because will not be able to withstand the whims of nature. In this case, it is advisable to purchase garden furniture.

What you need to consider, thinking through the design of the veranda

First of all, one should take into account the fact that there must be a lot of air and light on the veranda. However, too much sun during the day, too, is not good. In this case, do not interfere with taking care of blinds or curtains. And you can use a reflective film for windows. An open veranda is very often obscured by vertical landscaping.

The design of the closed veranda is influenced by the architectural style of the country house itself, as well as its direct location with respect to the sides of the world in a residential building.

If it is located on the north (or east) side of the house, then the British colonial style is best suited, in which there is a comfortable wicker furniture made of strong natural materials such as rattan, bamboo or mahogany. Also in the interior should be rocking chairs and a bunch of pillows with removable covers. The flooring and furniture in this case can be dark, because They will not heat up because of the location of the veranda

And if the veranda on the contrary is located on the south side, then the Mediterranean provence will be appropriate, which provides for the predominance of blue and white colors, both in decoration and in furniture. In addition, there should be many fresh flowers in the interior and the presence of Roman curtains.

If the veranda consists entirely of a solid glass wall, in other words, the double-glazed windows are installed from the ceiling to the floor, then it is best to think over the design in a lighter style.

In addition, the design of the veranda determines the purpose of the room, namely, the purposes in which it will be used. The most common option is a mini-living room, organized on the veranda, with an appropriate set of furniture: a coffee table, chairs, armchairs and a sofa in the presence of the necessary space. It should be noted that a very original solution will be to make a hanging sofa-swing, however, for this, there must be sufficiently strong ceiling structures.

A glass veranda with good lighting always perfectly fits in the backyard with a lot of beautiful trees.

The veranda should have its own style

Like any other room, the veranda should have its own style, which determines the choice of appropriate furniture and accessories. The greatest preference is given to styles that have an ethnic flavor (Mediterranean, Oriental, Provence, Scandinavian, eco-style, etc.). All these styles can be found some common features. For example, in all cases natural materials (wood, bamboo, natural fabrics, rattan, etc.) and light pastel colors are used. Concerning furniture – a good option is a light wicker, especially if the veranda is small.

Of course, upholstered furniture is also unusually good in a summer room, but for this there must be a corresponding area.

And as for the dinner table, it is simply necessary, even if it is quite small. And this, perhaps, is all that is needed for this room. Because it is extremely undesirable to overload the space with furniture. Still, there must be a lot of space and light on the veranda – this is the main condition.


What accessories to use – this directly depends on the chosen style of the room. Although, there are also universal things, which in any case will make the room cozier and more comfortable. These include sofa cushions that can add brightness to the decor of the veranda, as well as covers on chairs and tablecloths on the table. Their main advantage lies in the fact that you can always easily change the design – for this it is enough to just replace them.

In addition, it is always appropriate to be in the veranda interior green corner. For example, wooden racks with a wrought-iron frame, set with pots of flowers look very impressive. And just everywhere arranged flowers in pots or trees will always decorate the room unusually and give a special comfort.

It's okay to spread out nightlights or candlesticks on the veranda. On the walls are also appropriate to various paintings, panels or photographs.

The fireplace will create an indescribable comfort, especially in the cool rainy evenings.

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