The conceptual design of the kitchen is the way to achieve the pinnacle of perfection


Conceptual kitchen design for ages

Conceptual kitchen design is designed to take into account all your needs and wishes. But the insidiousness of this idea lies in the fact that even the most relevant image can become obsolete in a few years. Therefore, you should carefully consider your preferences and needs. To avoid disappointment in the future, you should get acquainted with the basic techniques and solutions that are used by professional kitchen designers.

White and noble brown is always in fashion

1. The presence of color contrasts guarantees the "durability" of the image

A fresh approach requires refraining from buying a traditional headset, which in the interior takes the form of a monolithic wooden structure. Look closely at the colorful compositions that make the kitchen unique. In the future, in order to completely change the situation, you just need to repaint the cabinets. The most actual options for today are not only bright yellow or other saturated colors. Furniture, aged in neutral colors – gray, blue, white or beige, – will fit in both modern and classic interior. Such images are well received even by the most progressive homeowners.

The soft gray background of the kitchen is diluted by a white island

Kitchen in brown color

Bright details are never superfluous

2. Structured exotic details

Nevertheless, high-quality wood furniture is still considered one of the best options for kitchen design. To your wood set looks fashionable and exquisite, choose the varieties of decoration with a pronounced natural pattern. He will revitalize the interior and add to it visual interest. An important role is played by the location of accessories and decor items. The walls can be decorated with thematic paintings, which exaggerate the exotic image in an original way. Experiment and you will surely succeed!

Vertical bands visually increase the height of ceilings

3. Supergloss cosiness

Buying cabinets with a glossy finish should be one of the first ideas on your list concerning the renovation of kitchen design. They are easy to keep clean, wiping the surface with a damp cloth. The facades will reflect the surrounding objects and colors, repeatedly reinforcing the expressiveness of the design. To achieve the maximum effect, position the elements with reflective surfaces around the uniform perimeter. This approach ensures the elegance and attractiveness of the kitchen interior.

White surfaces have no less ability to shine than colored surfaces

4. Excellent double

Strive to ensure that the transformation of the kitchen embodied all your creative abilities! Play with combinations of two colors. One is used for decorating the lower cabinets, and the other for the upper ones. Use deeper and rich shades of the same color below and the lighter ones on top. In any case, this option will cause positive emotions for you and your guests. If you are not sure about your taste, use ready-made solutions. But act cautiously, as they can quickly bother you. It is best if their cabinet doors are in the same color, and the side surfaces and fittings in the other.

Lovely interior of a spacious kitchen

Kitchen interior in gray-white tones

Kitchen in two colors

5. Advanced simplicity

The most unique and lofty aspirations can be expressed in simple or even gross forms. Their combination with modern, high-tech devices and kitchen equipment will contribute to creating a pleasant experience. But the classical image will also become more attractive if you add retro luminaires with folding brackets, a vintage plate and a copper mixer assembled from water pipes. Such a composition will suit the people of the old school.

Laconic image with unique features

Spectacular contrast of light walls with dark gray cabinets

6. From bleached wood

Furniture made of whitened wood regularly turns out to be the focus of attention of visitors to the leading European events in the field of design. It has the ability to increase the level of illumination of the interior and not to lose relevance for many years. Very interesting can be a combination of a set of white wood with a glossy surface of the kitchen island. If you make a choice in favor of such a composition, then you will not regret it years later!

7. "Floating" configurations

A simple reception that involves the installation of a kitchen set at some distance from the floor can completely transform the interior. It creates the illusion of a mysterious emptiness in the lower part of the room, the effect of hovering in the air. However, in this case, the cleaning process in the kitchen may become somewhat more complicated due to the accumulation of dust under the cupboards, which is especially undesirable for the elderly. If these difficulties do not bother you, use this idea and try the composition with a linear backlight to make it even more impressive.

Because of the design features, the headset seems more voluminous

8. A zeal on eco-design!

Nothing will support this idea better than an easy and practical bamboo set. Pay attention to the quality of the material and the performance. Before you buy this or that composition, read the reviews about its manufacturer on the Internet. Making a choice in favor of bamboo, you will contribute to reducing deforestation. The fact is that bamboo grows much faster than any tree, but its consumer properties can not but delight. This material is eco-friendly, affordable and surprisingly practical. With it, your kitchen will retain its appeal for a long time.

Bamboo cabinets are available in all configurations

The objects of our research are the most interesting projects of recent years. We analyzed their functional and aesthetic properties to help you draw up a detailed picture of the latest trends in kitchen design. Now you can create an interior yourself, worthy of shining on the pages of a glossy magazine. We will be happy to know from your successes – share your ideas with our readers!

On the glossy kitchen, I would definitely disagree, in my opinion, this is extremely impractical, but the eco-design is very appealing to me. Trends in kitchen design, of course, are changeable, but still the basic solutions of professional kitchen designers are out of time.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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