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Color in our lives, and in the interior, in particular, plays a fairly large role.

If the color of the room is incorrectly chosen, the work of the child's nervous system may be suppressed, turning a fairly quiet child into an eternally weeping, and formerly excellent student in a scattered troe.

It is in the children's room that the child spends a considerable time in her life, which is why she must change with her dweller: the baby has some requirements, the schoolboy has others, the teenager has the third, and the wall color must fully meet these requirements.

The best is the color of the child's walls for the baby blue, pink, green or peach, as well as their shades.

They should be necessarily light, dairy, because their main impact is calm, creating an atmosphere of security and additional comfort.

About dark shades it is better not to think, because they can oppress the psyche of a small tenant.

With age, the color changes, which is preferably chosen for the walls of the room.

It is enough to gradually add bright accents in the form of drawings or templates.

Especially original will look large abstract or geometric images on a light monophonic wall background. And children's drawings will make the room unique.

The color palette

There are general recommendations of experienced professionals in the field of psychology about the use of color for the children's room.

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the child.

The violet color used to decorate the room will help the child to concentrate, and also will open up creative abilities and a thirst for knowledge.

The shades of violet are ideal for children, who only know the world around them and for schoolchildren of any age. And the color saturation changes with age.

The blue color spectrum has a curative effect on the body, including the nervous system.

However, this effect can be achieved only with the use of a not too dark shade, especially if it is a room for the newborn.

Well combined with it sand, peach and yellow.

Such combinations result in curiosity, but will completely exclude the possibility of overexcitation, which is very useful for hyperactive children and typical sanguine people.

Green color as the main for the children's room has a positive effect on the child's physical health, in particular on visual acuity, normalization of the pulse, mood improvement and restoration of the full function of sleep.

It can be considered the best for the child's background, especially if you combine its various shades.

The walls can be made in light-green color in combination with bright emerald accents.

Orange, red and yellow in a room where the child spends a considerable amount of time is not recommended, because they can excite the nervous system.

It is better to use only accents in these colors. If they are not very much, the effect can be expressed in increasing appetite, improving metabolism and working the digestive system.

However, the excessive presence of these shades leads to overexcitation and anxiety, and the likelihood of headaches and insomnia increases.

Color for the children's room is also a game, so cheerful and cheerful.

Do not be afraid to embody fantasy in reality and combine different colors.

Adhere to only the main rule: sharp and contrast combinations in the nursery is not the place, because they can cause negative emotions.

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Variants of color design of rooms for children are still a task. On the one hand, I want to take into account gender identity, on the other hand – personal preferences of the child. But the fact that the colors in the interior of the nursery should be gentle and not straining the psyche – this is unequivocal. I just fell in love with the purple version!

What colors can be used in the interior of the nursery? Very different and there can be many. But the main thing is that the colors should be in harmony, bright colors softened with pastel shades, and the classical colors were diluted with white. It is possible that the child himself will be able to tell what he likes best, and it will be easier to arrange a room.

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