The brightest variants of the interior of the living rooms, each of which can become the embodiment of your dreams


If you are in search of a style for your small living room, a selection of almost fifty best interiors in bright execution prepared by the Interiors of the rooms site can be very useful for you.

The main colors of the decor in this interior are yellow and turquoise. The image would be incomplete without the original round carpet in the center.

A stunning palette and floral motifs create a unique style of this living room.

Colorful interior in unobtrusive rustic style.

Volumetric elements of bright colors are especially advantageous looking on a neutral background.

Wallpapers of mustard colors frame a large-scale photo of the work of Massimo Vitali, which, in turn, creates a sense of perspective.

The bohemian interior of this room has gathered, it seems, all the most tasty and expressive colors.

Very feminine, or rather maiden interior.

Painted in the original technique with dashes, the picture seems even more impressionistic due to the fact that it hangs on a dark blue wall.

The focus is on mustard chairs and a couch with turquoise leather upholstery.

Coral color always warms the interior.

Bright cushions and carpet in a bizarre design form a daring image of this living room.

Bright, bohemian and very modern living room.

Two colorful living rooms with vintage canvases on the walls.

The owners of this living room must be very fond of watercolor.

The secret of the beauty of this interior is in using only precious shades – turquoise, garnet, emerald and amethyst.

The motif used in the decor of the wall is repeated in the design of pillows and curtains.

Elements of ocher color very much revived the whole neutral interior.

A very energetic, almost aggressive design echoes the mood of an unusual photograph adorning one of the walls.

Overloading elements in this interior is compensated by the monotony of the color scale.

Plates with pompoms – the own idea of ​​the owner of the living room.

Bright carpets with a long pile are good not only in the nursery.

People living in this living room should have a creative nature and courage in expressing themselves.

It's not often that you see such a capacious sofa, and even in an interesting design. Modern luxury with a slight hint of oriental flavor.

In general, the decor of this living room is very neutral. All bright elements can be removed or replaced at any time, creating a new image in accordance with the current mood.

A decorative panel depicting a branch of a fuchsia tree, a deep blue shade sofa and a yellow pedestal in an industrial style create an eclectic image of this compact living room.

Style is a modern classic. The color scheme is ocher, mustard, chocolate and coffee with milk. The result is extraordinary.

This time the designers were generous to the decor of the walls, choosing wallpaper with a rich floral ornament.

This gloomy interior looks more cheerful due to the presence of bright elements and the abundance of daylight penetrating through the glazed wall.

The whole interior is a curtsey to the frivolous 70. But the pillows look very solid.

Such an abundance of luxuriously decorated elements can bring the design beyond the edge of bad taste. What, fortunately, did not happen to this living room.

Striped wallpaper and carpet to some extent prevail over the expressiveness of the sofa of the color of the sea wave.

Jim Morrison is directly dominant in this bohemian-rocker interior.

This is how the absolutely cold interior looks.

Photoprints with an enlarged image of the leaves of plants are designed to slightly ground the ultramodern image of this living room.

There is a trouble-free way to choose the right combination of colors for a dress or interior. It is necessary to take as a basis one specific natural image and to borrow a palette of shades from it.

In this case, there is an association with the flower of iris on the flower bed or, if you like, with the eggplant fruit in the garden. Colors – purple, juicy green and light brown.

Very delicate and airy decor is enriched with elements of olive and pomegranate colors.

This room is not very colorful. But a warm shade of melted milk, of course, creates her character.

And again olive and pomegranate, but in a different form.

Say what you want, turquoise and bright pink colors are among the most popular when it comes to interior design of living rooms and bedrooms.

The malachite casket on the coffee table is one of the tops of a triangle, the other two in which are lamps with identical lampshades on either side of the sofa. A very correct design move, aimed at creating a whole image.

At the same time, a colorful and floral interior with a claim to artistry.

Classic design involves the use of more or less muted shades, which, with the right combination, can form an expressive image.

Eclecticism in pure form and bright execution.

To the bright pink and turquoise hues in the decor of this living room were added a rich blue and mint-green.

Low sofas with numerous pillows make a hint of the oriental character of the decor, but the motifs on pillowcases are so diverse that it would be difficult to conclude that it belongs to a certain style.

An olive sofa defines the palette of this interior.

Turquoise and dark turquoise elements somewhat personalize the ultramodern and laconic image of this living room.

Impressionism went on a compromise with abstractionism, honestly dividing the walls of the living room. There was no other style besides eclectic.

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Bright bluffy interiors of rooms can create an iridescent and enthusiastic mood, but they can strongly strain and repel in moments of tranquility and solitude. It all depends on the type of temperament and character of the owner of the room and on the purpose for which such a bright interior is created.

Some interiors, of course, cause skepticism, but for myself, I singled out a few key ideas for use: firstly, the combination of yellow and turquoise looks very good, and secondly, it's much easier to make bright accents not on furniture, but on decorative elements, which can easily be changed if colorful expression bothers the eye.

Expressive, dynamic, enchanting. These epithets can describe the presented interior room options. Interiors are certainly colorful, which is achieved both using color solutions, and with the help of various textures and decor items. But I guess such a riot of colors can quickly get bored. Although, the palettes and floral motifs are stunning.

Bright color palettes in the interior make the space more lively and open. It seems that there are open, cheerful and friendly people in the room, full of ideas and views. In my opinion, the bright elements of the colors in the apartment are certainly very beautiful, but they can quickly get bored or start annoying.

I'm not a fan of bright palettes, but here flower colors in the interior look very cool! Although there are bright colors, but they are not so intrusive, the living room blooms with them! And if you look at the other bright living rooms, even there I can not say that it looks bad, the main thing is to approach everything with taste!

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