The brighter, the better: a rich color palette in the modern design of the bathroom


The proportions of narrow bathrooms can be visually made more correct and harmonious with the use of bright, juicy colors in the interior. A successful solution will fill the room with light, expand the space and add clarity and graphics to the interior.

Here is one of these design techniques: the room will look completely different, if you apply in the decoration of unusual shades, playing in color contrasts.

1. Change the bulky bathtub on the shower. Three walls are faced with tiles of plum, light green and milky shades. The fourth color is waterproof paint "eggplant".

2. We choose a floor covering, contrasting with the shades of the walls. The optimal solution is to give preference to semi dark shades, emphasizing white ceramics. We lay a granite tile, leaving a place where a miniature pool will be located.

3. We proceed to the selection and installation of the original washbasin and hinged toilet.

Stylish and modern solutions:

1) thoughtful, original design concept

2) composition with the use of glossy tiles, with which it is possible to divide the wall into three parts. Thanks to the bands of "glazed" ceramic tiles, a competent

3) zoning room, allowing you to focus on the shower, washbasin and toilet stylish dark granite floor, which reflects the opposite wall, which visually expands the space.

Experts believe that this design allows you to get a number of opportunities for its environment, depending on the owner's preferences. Metal decor elements and a transparent shower curtain add a touch of cold urban modernity.

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