The best kitchen design: marble, metallic and slate colors, radiating heat


The first place among the kitchen designs of this week is occupied by the design of Zhanna Rapone. The designer thanks to his wonderful talent was able to achieve from the gray color the radiation of warmth and home comfort. So today we will talk about this project.

Who would have thought that it was metal and marble objects in combination with asphalt tones that would ever be associated with a family situation. But with their diligence the true professional will turn the gray kitchenette into the most favorite place in the apartment.

Zhanna Rapone stopped in gray and white colors, because with their help you can make the room lighter and visually wider.

However, the presence of only a gray color will cause discouragement, and if even with a chromium-plated metal, then, in general, there will be a continuous cold. In order not to leave such a gloomy trail, the designer decided to make the door from the pantry bright yellow, and also added her "mark" opposite the plate in order to warn about its danger.

Cabinets in a room of matte slate color. They smooth out the cold emanating from the glossy metal. And the final touch is the wooden floor and the heat from the sea light.

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