The best ideas for interior design – modern trends in kitchen design


Modern trends in kitchen design – luxury and simplicity

Modern trends in kitchen design make it possible to realize any idea. Absolutely all the items – from the hood to the handles – appear in all possible variants of execution.


Hoods are manufactured in a variety of shapes – for example simple but stylish metal pipes or exquisite retractable models. Finishing is also different. Today, the choice is no longer limited to stainless steel and glass.

Auhaus pipe hood

Extractable hood from Gaggenau

Unique design elements

The floor model of the Mammut hood really looks impressive, but to install it, you need a lot of free space.

Floor extract Mammut from Minacciolo

Wanting to make the ceiling hood more attractive, Elica has developed a design that looks like a crystal chandelier. Undoubtedly, this will give your kitchen luxury and elegance.

Extraction in the form of a crystal chandelier from Elica

Architecture of interior

Unusual interior architecture will add charm to any room. It can even be an ordinary stucco ceiling or a window of a bizarre shape.

Luxurious stucco ceiling

The company Andrew Maynard out of the box approached the problem by adding a ladder across the entire surface of the kitchen island.

The staircase passes through the kitchen island – an inspiring idea from Andrew Maynard

Unusual finishes can sometimes be impractical, but they almost always look impressive. The choice is not limited to luxury rare stones. Even ordinary materials, such as wood or concrete, can be a very unusual solution if we use them more ingeniously – as can be seen from the example of the wooden hood from Elica.

Wooden hood from Elica

Contrast materials can also be enough to add interior dynamics.

Kitchen islands

For kitchen islands it often takes a lot of free space, but if this is not a problem for you, they will really transform the room. You might like a traditional model with unusual details of fancy shapes from Elmar. Such objects always focus on themselves.

Expandable kitchen island from Elmar

Equipment and interior items

Even the equipment significantly changes the design of the kitchen. You can set the usual for all peninsulas or stop the choice on a more unexpected version – for example, a fireplace.

Each new project from the company Saota looks more luxurious. The model Glen 2961 in the side of the stone island provides a fireplace.

Model Glen 2961 with fireplace from Saota

Accessories and furniture

Unique lighting can be an original element of your kitchen design. The minimalist interiors presented below would look too ascetic without long corner lamps.

Long corner lamps enliven the interior

Undoubtedly, if you give a new life to old vintage furniture, this will be a noticeable advantage.

Keeping things

Aster Cucine has developed a design that is ideal for wine lovers. A kitchen island from Team 7 has a very long drawer.

Kitchen island Team 7 with a long drawer

Kitchen pencil boxes do not have to be made of wood. Fixer Upper offers users a system of thin-glass shelves.

Model kitchen Fixer Upper with shelves of thin glass

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