The aesthetics of the kitchen island – the conceptual versions of brutal concrete have the right to life


A rare combination of spectacular performance and practicality

It can be said with certainty that concrete is one of the most versatile materials. Its high-quality characteristics provide ample opportunities for creating a wide variety of things, characterized by high strength, aesthetic appearance and durability. That's why the kitchen islands of concrete seem to us an impeccable choice for any interior.

Kitchen island of concrete

Pay attention to this island. It is more like a modern sculpture than a functional piece of furniture. Anyway, it has become an excellent addition to the interior, gravitating to the industrial style.

To soften the rough aesthetics of concrete will help the surrounding decor, which uses bright, saturated colors

Concrete products are produced by casting, which allows them to be given any shape

In a black and white interior, a gray concrete island with beautiful divorces appears to be the central element providing a unity of design

Refined pendant lamps on long cords are deliberately opposed to a solid and powerful kitchen island of concrete

Asymmetric structures most clearly demonstrate the plasticity of concrete

As you can see, the spectacular appearance does not prevent the kitchen island from being practical and roomy

It's amazing how elegant this extremely laconic design can be.

Unpainted concrete has a neutral gray color, which allows products from it to easily fit into different in character spaces

In conclusion, I would like to mention a few more properties of concrete surfaces, very important in the context of a conversation about kitchen design. They are very resistant to scratches and thermal effects, are not afraid of moisture and are very environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for human health.

It is pleasantly surprising how some insignificant and in principle unimportant thing / accessory can become an excellent addition to the interior of the kitchen room. Concrete surfaces are just a godsend. I will take note of the useful properties of this subject.

Concrete in such cases looks solid, tough and even brutal. But despite this, it is quite appropriate in cases where the interior requires the introduction of elements that dilute the soft and calm style.

It seems to me that the kitchen island of concrete will fit into the studio apartment. Such an unusual kitchen island will give the interior a Loft style of some kind of brutal charm. whether. In general, an interesting kitchen decor is obtained.

I would never have thought that concrete products can be used in the interior, and even how to apply. The kitchen island itself is very pleasant to me, and made of concrete, it looks very unusual and original.

I associate concrete with concrete, as a building material. Of course, in the hands of the designer on these photos, concrete has found a new life. Concrete islands boldly fit into the interiors of the kitchens and do not look like unfinished construction, and the gray color inherent in concrete is suitable for any interior. Although for me there is not enough softness and comfort.

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