The actual trend in kitchen design is the stunning glass countertops that change the notion of brittle material


Do you want to add uniqueness to the interior of your kitchen? Install a table top made of glass, and even with lighting. This exquisite element has spread quite recently, but has already become a trend!

One of the leaders of the world industry in this industry is the company CGD, an interview with the creator of which you can read in this publication.

Vladimir Fridman will try to give answers to all the questions of interest and tell you how to successfully update the room.

Question: When most people think of glass coatings, the first thing that comes to mind is the question of their durability compared to other surfaces. What do you say to that?

VF: Yes, people often associate a material with fragility. However, this is not so: it is extremely durable, it does not threaten to split and crack during normal operation, just like marble or granite. Another positive aspect is mud repellent and hygienic properties, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Question: What does CGD do to create a countertop? What influences the final choice of customers when it comes to the color of the LED?

VF: When it comes to manufacturing, we learn all the dimensions and specifications: thickness, length, finish, availability of taps or sinks. The firm offers a selection of colors according to the general style of the room. Nevertheless, the final decision is always for the customer.

Question: Designs with glass shields are gaining popularity in the last few years. What is your view on this design element?

VF: Yes, definitely, they are becoming more prevalent at the moment. Seamless, smooth and durable flaps with backlight (at the request of the customer) can create an excellent atmosphere.

Question: How important is LED lighting in the kitchen in shaping the overall appeal of glass surfaces?

VF: It adds an unusual dramatic effect, which is incomparable. A small kitchen island is created, which stands out as the key point of the whole room. You can set a white cool shade or a more colorful tone, with a color shift function.

VF: The use of glass allows you to design a room that will differ from others. When adding lights, the room will look impressively exquisite, but you can do without it.

Question: What types of glass does CGD offer? Can they be combined with other furniture?

VF: You can choose from two options: Ultra Clear (extremely transparent) and Aqua Clear (with a bluish tinge).

VF: In the case of a quick rework of the finished kitchen, we can easily attach the glass to the existing countertop using metal or wooden stands.

Question: What advice would you give to our readers in selecting the cover for thumbs? Is glass the best choice?

VF: You yourself must understand what you want to see in the end. After you decide on the design, think about practicality. As for the glass surface, it has many advantages: lack of porosity, hygiene, strength.

Now you know how a single element can change the look and feel of your furniture. Good luck!

It's amazing! To say that these are amazing glass countertops – do not say anything. They completely change the interior of the kitchen, and give an atmosphere of novelty and style. Very pleased! Vladimir Fridman – a real talent, it's great that human imagination is capable of this. Very interesting and useful article.

Glass surfaces seem to float in the air. Great idea for decorating the dining area. In addition, the lighting of such a table top creates a special cozy atmosphere at any time of the day.

The worktops of glass look very beautiful. Furious light-design of a glass table. This is not a dinner table, it's the dream of any mistress! Very steep tables with glass tops. Yes, and maintain a beautiful appearance is easier than a tree. It is necessary to reflect on this idea.

Glass countertops and flaps with illumination captured the imagination. Kitchen island, which stands out as an independent decor element can be highlighted with a cool shade or warmer tone and candles in the kitchen are no longer needed !.

Glass top, and even with lighting – this is a very unusual way to decorate your kitchen. Lighting the surface makes the interior somehow magical and mysterious. In this kitchen, I do not want to cook, but I want to create or just dream.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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