Tenderness of glass, or Transparent world of dining tables: 18 startling ideas for your kitchen


What could be better than an elegant dining table with a glass top? You will be surprised by the innovative models and styles of modern glass dining tables. Round designer masterpieces with chrome bases or elegant rectangular tables on glossy legs – we offer the best of the best models.

In addition, you will receive full information that will help you choose this piece of furniture! When looking at a glass dining table, consider the size of your room. Like acrylic, glass furniture visually increases the space, which can become a real "salvation" for a small room.

If you are a happy owner of a large dining room, these brilliant design finds will add glamor and modern style to the interior, while leaving room for other elements of decor.

Round transparent dining tables

Let's start with round glass tables, which are ideal for small rooms. Take the dining table Source Oryx Dining Table, developed by the South African duo of husband and wife Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Source. Cast-iron legs resemble the horns of African antelope.

The solid base of the Halo Ebony table made of chestnut wood is securely fastened to a ring made of the same wood that surrounds the transparent table top. For this model, various types of finishes are provided, including coloring in cognac shade and three sizes.

At the dining table Luxo from Modloft Bennett the basis is a unique lattice shape made of environmentally friendly materials. This table is made in Brazil. Stable foot-base, made of steel and wooden slats, is available in two colors – white and shade of sea wood.

Attention! Transparent glass top is not included!

And now – a transparent dining table Silverado from CB2, consisting of a glass top and chrome-plated steel legs. A two-piece base provides a flexible configuration of this piece of furniture.

Stainless steel – this material was chosen for the dining table by Chintaly Sabrina designers from AllModern. Three shiny legs look incredibly attractive and exceptionally glamorous.

Round glass dining table LaFlaT from AllModern with a table top made of tempered glass differs gracefully curved legs. The base of the table can be chrome plated or covered with black spray, and the table top – transparent, matte black or a touch of coffee.

Look at this small round glass dining table from Furniture Italia, surrounded by four chairs. A small table top made of tempered glass, in harmony with the stand, making the table incredibly stylish.

The Twirl glass dining table from Furniture Italia with a double helix base is completely made of high quality tempered glass.

Rectangular Glass Dining Tables

Rectangular glass tables are very stable, but look light due to the transparent surface.

For example, the table LY-Elaine DT Modern Dining Table from LaFlaT, narrow and long, stands out among the brethren an interesting chrome-plated base in the form of a double arch that adds lightness designs.

The two-piece base not only gives stability, but is also a highlight of the Silverado rectangular dining table from CB2. Pay attention to how secure the base is to the table top.

Dining table Parsons from Crate & Barrel with a base of stainless steel and a glass table top is distinguished by a modern matte finish and combines a variety of styles.

Another look at the same model of the Parsons dining table with a glass top and a dark steel base. The base of natural dark steel tubes expressively contrasts with white walls and chair covers.

This glass dining table Chemistry White Dining Table from LaFlaT in the industrial style draws attention to the bends of the base, which adds intrigue to the modern dining room interior.

In the same vein: the Chemistry table from LaFlaT boasts a minimum of glass and steel legs, and a wide white stripe attracts attention to the countertop.

Now we explore the wonders of dark, shiny surfaces, drawing attention to the glass table Neo Extending from Furniture Italia. This amazing product with a W-shaped steel base and a table top made of hardened black glass, sparkling in the light of a chandelier, looks truly magical.

Stable glossy rectangular legs give a special character to Star International Ritz Tiffany – rectangular dining white table from AllModern. Perhaps you do not know that the table top is made of tempered glass?

We finish the show with a large two-color glass dining table Monaco Large from Furniture Italia with a shiny chrome base, which in itself is already a work of art.

If your dining room is small, consider a compact round glass table. The absence of corners can easily fit into space. And if the dimensions of the dining room allow, then choose a rectangular and enjoy the shine!

Do not forget to add interesting chairs. You will be surprised at how a neutral glass dining table can be combined with a variety of styles, including antique furniture.

I always give my preference to round tables, especially if this table is glass. Indeed, for small rooms sharp corners on the table – this is always a problem. I constantly can not get around the table and stumble upon its corners.

The entire selection of glass tables really liked, but most of all, the Twirl dinner table from Furniture Italia. Despite its large size, it looks compact and easy. An excellent option.

All presented tables are beautiful in their own way. I would pick up two glass tables for my house. One large and rectangular on the chrome-plated thick legs for the living room is the dining room, and a round glass table would look good in the kitchen and would be a worthy replacement for the traditional kitchen table.

After all, every day the family gathers at the dinner table, and at the glass table a feeling of a holiday is immediately created.

I like dining round-shaped glass tables. Certainly, if the space is large. it is better to look rectangular table, but I somehow do not really like the corners in the glass, it's better round table. The round will fit into any space and any design at all. The bases for glass countertops are also interesting, especially the combination of black profiles and transparent glass looks beautiful.

Yes, you can not argue with the fact that the glass tables betray a special style of the kitchen. Especially liked the round Italian table with a base in the form of a spiral of tempered glass.

I would like to myself and such. I think that he would have served more than one year. But still it's scary to buy it in the house where the little kids are.

No matter how different the glass tables were, they are still my favorites. They seem to dissolve in the kitchen or dining room. The most optimal – with a round tabletop, but for large gala dinners will be appropriate long glass tables for six or eight people.

A wonderful table Halo Ebony elegant and reliable, with great pleasure would put it in its interior. The original glass dining table from Furniture italia, a beautiful spiral leg. Each table is unique in its own right and every person will get it right.

Glass tables look beautiful only if they are designed for a maximum of 4 rights. For more people still need something more reliable.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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