Table tops made of natural wood for kitchens and bathrooms – photo of real interiors


Wood worktops require more care and care when operating. However, about 90% of users respond about them very positively. Perhaps, after our story you will want to apply the same desktop coverage in your kitchen.

The Joinery, which has been installing kitchen equipment for over 30 years, offers luxurious cherry tops. For processing uses natural materials: tung oil, linseed and citrus oils, beeswax. This company has developed its own finishing mix Landark.

The table top can be made of different wood. She needs a thorough care, but repairing such material is easier. Natural lubricants retain the natural color of the products.

If you have children, and you want them to do as little damage as possible, use thick logs that are second-hand. Furniture design in the rustic style was a success. The bar already has chipped, spots, so new damage to it is almost not terrible.

Of course, in this case, preferably a long shell with a high seamless border. Several children can wash here at once, and splashes will not scatter throughout the room.

The surfaces are treated with beeswax, lemon oil or mineral oil. This is one of the types of waterproof finish. However, to avoid the appearance of stains, the liquid should not stay on the coating for a long time. The type of wood also matters. Mahogany, white oak and yellow cedar are more waterproof.

If you are looking for a wooden flooring that requires minimal maintenance, pay attention to Ammonitum products. It produces luxury products made of wood: sinks, bathtubs, wash basins. Their surface is covered with ten layers of waterproof varnish, making it glassy and smooth.

Special care is not needed. Red wine, lemon juice and many other liquids, as the tests have shown, do not affect it. This is confirmed by the results of tests conducted by the company.

The overwhelming part of the work in the kitchen is performed on the countertop. If it is made of wood, then a specially selected part is used for processing meat. And for better protection from damage, a cutting board is needed.

Tip: if you want to cut and process vegetables directly on the table, use mineral oil. It is safe for food (olive or corn becomes rancid).

Perhaps you do not want to order the kitchen countertops ready, but intend to install them yourself. Then apply the finishing materials Waterlox. They will help create a beautiful and durable surface, resistant to high temperatures and moisture.

This bathroom has a large wide sink that protects the environment from splashing water and soapy foam. To protect the wooden surface of your countertop, think about installing the same sink. Then you will rid yourself of unnecessary worries related to cleaning.

In this kitchen, the built-in sink allows you to brush water from the table top directly into the bowl. This is also facilitated by wall-mounted mixers.

If you are not an adherent of a tree, but like this material very much, use only some details from it. The main thing is that they are out of the spray and drops.

Perhaps you will like the modern kitchen interior with such a combination of wood and stone. The wooden bar is more comfortable for resting your hands.

On this wood matte surface, although it is not near the sink, two layers of polyurethane lacquer are applied.

Surely someone will be delighted with such a wide wooden shell with crushed edges. The patinated coating gives it an aged look and protects from external influences.

Very careful processing of the holes for the mixer and drainage of water is necessary. All cracks should be pinched and filled with sealant.

The materials are kindly provided by Pangaea.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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