Table top, sink and other elements of copper in the design of your kitchen


In modern homes, you can often find copper: fantastic thermal conductivity makes it an ideal material for use in a central heating system, as well as for electrical installations.

However, this metal is very rarely used for decorating a house. The designers decided to correct this injustice, and we will share with you their advice and recommendations.

Since the Roman times, people have used copper to build housing. From it turned out excellent roofs or downspouts.

Today it is worth talking about the antibacterial properties of this metal, which allows you to use it in the kitchen.

Copper surfaces

The table top, covered with copper, is shiny. This will make the kitchen shimmering. Metal looks nice, it's easy for him to take care of. Can be used as a cover for any table.

Over the years, copper is discolored, but it's not bad: in a few years the owners will be able to enjoy the exclusive pattern that appeared during the use of the surface.


Now several types of cranes are produced and sold from copper. Best of all, this mixer will look combined with a sink made of the same metal.


If you already have a countertop, a faucet and a sink made of copper, why not add lamps from the same material? They will be an elegant decoration of any kitchen.

Dark copper

It is not only a light shiny color. Exquisitely look and dark shades. This color fits well into traditional cuisine, and lighter tones fit modern interiors.

Copper dark color will look great on a volumetric hood or sink in a rustic style.

Antimicrobial metal

Over the past decades, many studies have been carried out, which revealed that copper is capable of destroying pathogenic fungi and many different bacteria, as well as viruses (eg, influenza).

Therefore, the use of this metal in the kitchen will help you maintain cleanliness in this highly visited part of the house.

For washing fruits and vegetables, use a copper bowl. This is a great way to further fight microbes. A copper pots will be excellent helpers in cooking.

New approaches

It is known that designers always invent new ways to use familiar things and materials. Copper also underwent their modernization.

Ancient copper forms for baking are perfectly used to decorate the walls of the kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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