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The kitchen reflects the taste preferences and character of the whole family, its traditions and characteristics. Modern kitchen is not only the most cozy and homely place, it is comfort, stylish design, and modern equipment and accessories. The main purpose of the kitchen is cooking, but today the requirements for the kitchen space are much wider. Especially popular are the projects of multifunctional premises where you could not only cook, but also eat, party, relax or do small chores. Modern equipment for kitchens should also be based on comfort, ergonomics, multifunctionality and conform to the general style of the room:

Important for planning the kitchen is the zoning of its area. This will allow to distribute the functional areas with maximum benefit. To implement such a rational division of territory in the kitchen will help the construction called "island". He is rightly considered fashionable and functional. Kitchen island is a stand-alone furniture module that performs various functions. The island is an ideal design for built-in home appliances. It can accommodate a dishwasher, a microwave oven or an oven:

One of the rational solutions for choosing the island's functions may be the placement of a sink in it. However, it is important to understand that this option is more suitable for private houses, because in an apartment it is very difficult to bring the appropriate communications to the location of the sink:

If you want to locate the hob in the island structure, you must calculate the possibility of installing the hood and design ways of connecting the gas lines. The hood should be equipped with a suitable height and strong fixings:

The organization of a full-scale lighting of the kitchen with the island – this is something that should be paid attention. For general lighting, you can use built-in and hanging lamps. For local illumination of the island, the most suitable are volumetric pendant sconces of different configurations:

Functional features of the island

The island can become a place for storing kitchen utensils and dishes. In this case, the most acceptable option would be to install such a design by the type of dresser, selecting materials in the appropriate style or color scheme of the entire kitchen:

An island with a dining area is a rational way to use the module. In such cases it is important to design a place for food intake with maximum comfort. To do this, the shape of the island must be U-shaped, so that it is convenient to sit on chairs at such a table:

It is important to take into account the height of the island itself, because it is slightly higher than a standard dining table. In this case, it is appropriate to use bar stools that will avoid inconvenience:

The space of the kitchen island can be divided into functional areas: on the one hand, a business area with a sink, appliances or a place for cooking, and on the other hand a small table-top for a meal:

In large-sized kitchens where one can not care about saving space, it is quite advisable to equip a part of the island with a bar counter or use it for other household needs, and make a dining area with a full dining table:

In the island you can store not only kitchen attributes, but books, designing for this special bookcase-module, built into the design of the island:

Configurations of the island

Kitchen island can have not only the form of a classical rectangle. The angular shape module with the undulating side of the dining area will look original:

In addition to a rounded or undulating top, a two-tiered island will become a design delicacy. In the upper tier it is convenient to arrange small objects and small-sized dishes:

Features of island design

The beautiful design of the island is no less important than its functionality. You can choose an island so that it is a style unity with the kitchen or combined with the color solution of the kitchen space.

In classical style, the island can be decorated with carved overlays, open shelves, stained glass windows. Worktops can be glossy or stone (marble). Beautiful and appropriate in black and white or any other two-tone interior of the kitchen looks like an island of one of the interior colors:

You can combine different color shades in the modular construction of the island. For example, the body can be made in one color, and the countertop in another:

Kitchen-island, decorated in different styles, is a very original way of decorating the room. You can choose the design of the island in the style of Provence, complementing the interior with other decorative style elements (lamps, vases, curtains, wicker furniture):

The island in the style of minimalism is a very convenient and modern project of arrangement of kitchen space. The design of a minimalist kitchen can combine different styles of this style. High-tech features – metallic, gray and white, plastic or metal furniture – are in perfect harmony with wooden constructions:

What should be taken into account when implementing the kitchen-island project:

  1. the shape of the island must correspond to the shape of the room itself: in a square kitchen – a square island, in a rectangular one – identical
  2. The protruding part of the table top can be used as a dining table or bar counter
  3. for the location in the island of household appliances or washing it is important to properly design and make the necessary communications
  4. When installing the hob, care must be taken to assemble the hood
  5. when designing an island it is important to take into account the dimensions of furniture: a bulky island will visually reduce space, and a small one will look ridiculous.

Kitchen-island has long been no longer an exotic option for designing a multifunctional space. This project greatly facilitates the work in the kitchen and saves space.

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