Stylish renovation of the kitchen interior with low financial costs


We offer you to familiarize yourself with one of the options for modern kitchen repair, with a minimum of costs. The Canadian family wanted to reconstruct a modest kitchen, while having a fairly limited budget.

With little material resources, but full of optimism, they boldly and enthusiastically began to update the premises. Existing in good condition household appliances the wife decided not to change.

By entrusting the art of cabinetry, using a dramatic color scheme of the interior, a couple and two of their children soon had a stylish new kitchen. What has turned out of this, we present to your attention.

Bold transformation of space

The original design idea is built using contrasts. The upper white hinged sections and the lower black cabinets look very stylish and modern. The elegance and grandeur of furniture of two opposite colors gives a pleasant green tile to the working wall.

The same shape, but a larger light tile is used as a floor covering. A luxurious insert, which has the same shade with an apron area, makes the room presentable and dignified. Carefully designed and comfortable basic and additional lighting gives the kitchen a cozy and functional.

Unusual color finish of walls

Based on the contrasts, the palette of colors in the decoration of the room brings a feeling of coolness, freshness and purity. A blank wall, painted like a school board, looks unusual. Not everyone can understand and accept such an element in the decoration of the premises, nor do all parents want their children to do their homework on a black facing surface on a daily basis.

But the owners of the apartment this option suits. Depending on the need, family members use this part of the room differently. It serves as a dining room or cabinet. There is also a small family banquet.

White chairs, a clock, a refrigerator, with a magnetic applique for student subjects, the other decoration has a pleasant light and green tint. Together with the large window the kitchen looks spacious, well-groomed and immaculately clean.

Neighborhood of office and kitchen equipment

The wall plane serving as a memory area is used to transmit household information to family members, and also as creative work records. The table along it is equipped with computer equipment. Nearby there is a refrigerator, which occupies a place in the niche of the buffet.

Its maximum height ensures the storage of food, dishes, spices, located near the place of cooking. The original glass vase with branches of delicate yellow mimosa perfectly complements and refreshes this area.

The most popular place for the cargo system

The drawers located at the bottom are of different sizes, depending on the ware that is stored. The most convenient position is occupied by garbage cans, located under the sink. Stylish furniture for the kitchen includes the most functional designs.

The presence of a large number of closed and open shelves, shelving makes it possible to compactly place containers of different volumes, electric kitchen appliances, products, all necessary items. It significantly saves space, conveniently places inventory and provides easy access to it.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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