Stylish kitchen interior – the organization of the command center of your home


Surely you will agree that the object of our attention is the best place for family conversations. Here, parents like to discuss pressing issues and problems, and children – to play, trying to understand what adults are talking about. Therefore it is very convenient, if somewhere nearby there is a place for storage of children's toys. Today, our story about how, in such conditions, to expand the functionality of the kitchen.

While preparing the dishes, in anticipation of the whole family can occupy a wide sill with soft cushions. This design of the window space creates an additional space for storing children's toys and other things.

On the photo there is a kitchen island with limited spatial possibilities. Therefore, for the cook, working in the environment of children, very handy extra desktop. Narrow and long, it does not occupy the zone of intensive movement of children.

The shelves integrated in the table provide unhindered access to things of frequent use. There are books, markers, coloring books, small toys that children can use at any moment of dinner. As they grow older, cookbooks and culinary recipes can take this place.

The kitchen is a kind of command center for all members of the family. The slate in the interior is needed so that everyone knows what is happening in the house. On its magnetic surface, you can leave not only colorful letters for the smallest, but also necessary information for adults.

In easily accessible corners hooks from lunch-boxmy and other items save time when children in the morning hastily going to school.

With limited space it is better to use a table with a bench. Then there is the opportunity to accommodate more children who like to sit on such long attachments. And cumbersome, albeit cozy, chairs take up a lot of space.

In this kitchen there are zones for various activities. For example, on an office chair it is convenient to work with a computer. And at the big dinner table you can do the lessons. This family kitchen is used not only for cooking.

Accessories for this room should be such a finish that the dog or playing mischievous children will cause minimal damage.

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