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The kitchen is that part of an apartment or house where convenience and functionality are the most important components. And if these are the most important parameters for you, then you can say that the issue with the style of the kitchen is solved. Why? And because the modern style is characterized by the convenience, functionality, and comfort. All furniture should be matched with one goal – maximum benefit. In addition, it should not be much. After all, the basis of modern style is minimalism – as few unnecessary details as possible, simple and clear forms.

It is necessary to carefully consider the location of furniture, dining area, washing, household appliances, gas stove and so on.

Features of the kitchen in a modern style

Modern style in the kitchen emphasizes self-sufficiency, accuracy and good taste. Modern technology does not necessarily hide, on the contrary, it will be the dignity of your kitchen.

Modern style is the most common in recent times, it is quite simple and elegant. You can combine in your kitchen in a modern style elements that are unacceptable for other styles, the main thing is simplicity and clear lines. Or, for example, add elements of any other style. This is the characteristic of modern style – it is multifaceted, diverse and unique. Here you can embody any of your ideas, fantasies and desires, connect the most incredible details and get a unique interior and design.

Small kitchen in modern style

Since modern style implies minimalism, you can safely choose it for a kitchen of small or even small size. In addition, there are several tips on how to make the room visually look spacious. The very first thing that will help you – it's light walls, it can be light wallpaper, tiles. The ceiling is also better to make light. In general, modern style does not like color abundance, it will be enough two or three shades, you can dilute them with not very bright accents.

Dark furniture is not very suitable for small kitchens, but the light will look great, as it will also visually increase the room. To arrange furniture it is necessary so that all doors freely opened. In order to avoid the congestion of your small kitchen, preference should be given to hinged cabinets with glass doors. Glass itself creates a light, airy and spacious atmosphere. To this can add a large window through which the kitchen will be filled with daylight. That is why curtains are best to choose light, flowing, short. For an even greater sense of space, do without the curtains at all. But if you sometimes need to close the window, hang blinds or shutters.

Kitchen materials in modern style

Since the kitchen is modern, the materials for it will be the same, since the choice is great. These include: metal, wood, plastic, gypsum, glass. And, probably, any material is suitable for the kitchen in a modern style, there are no restrictions, you can combine different materials, the main thing is that it was beautiful and you liked.

For example, wooden kitchen refers to different styles of past eras, but in combination with modern materials and decoration, as well as with home appliances, the style of modernity is obtained. In addition, the tree will fill the kitchen with comfort, warmth and create a kind of "living" atmosphere.

Add to this interior metal and the situation will play quite differently. To coziness and comfort will be added rigor, grace and some chic. It looks amazing.

Glass to any room gives airiness, lightness and grace. Kitchen is no exception. Glass will fill your kitchen in a modern style with space and light. Make a large window and dip the room in streams of sunlight. In addition, it is useful and convenient for cooking. And if the working area and the sink are located at the window, then cooking and washing dishes will be a pleasure. Glass can be doors of lockers, chandelier or additional lamps.

For the floor are well suited: carpet, laminate, parquet, even tiles or wood can be in your modern kitchen, simply in an improved form.

The color solution for the kitchen in a modern style

Everyone has their own preferences for color, but if you want to still adhere to the modern style, then choose more or less light shades for your cuisine, besides, they contribute to a good appetite. Invalid here will be bright and juicy colors, as well as a large number of them. Choose, for example, one color and play with its shades.

Or dilute the interior with a few accents.

Modern kitchen, combined with a living room (dining room)

Combining the kitchen with the living room or the dining room is very modern and convenient. Especially it is appropriate if these rooms are small, or the kitchen is small, and the living room (dining room) is large and vice versa. Design and interior can be made common.

Or different, divided into zones. For example, zoning with light.

Different material for the floor also well divides the room into zones.

Bar counter in the interior of modern kitchen

Another characteristic feature of the modern style of the kitchen is the bar counter. It can carry its own direct purpose or be an additional working space. It is well complemented by such a device with chairs around the perimeter. It is very convenient for snacks, for easy, fast tea. When you cook, then your family members or guests, so as not to interfere with you, can settle at the bar and talk with you.

One wall of the bar can be equipped with additional shelves, for example, for dishes – convenient and practical.

Decor and kitchen accessories in a modern style

You can decorate your modern kitchen in any way, but in moderation. Of course, the flowers in any room, and in the kitchen, too, look great, adding freshness and liveliness to the environment, they bring comfort and relaxation.

You can hang a couple of pictures, it will dilute the interior. But do not forget that modern style does not like excesses.

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