Stylish children's room for the girl from the first days of life


Dear readers, we have collected many ideas and examples of the design of the children's room. At the birth of a girl, many instantly turn to pink shades as the primary color in the interior. Although this is really a very good choice, we advise you to wait a little longer. Explore the options, be creative.

A children's room with a traditional atmosphere and classic decor elements.

Think about the safety of children, use furniture with soft edges and rounded shapes.

The bright turquoise color is not considered to be girlish, but it looks very nice and gentle.

Beautiful and balanced looks a combination of pink and blue tones.

The yellow color is very cheerful and bright, although sometimes it is possible to overdo it with brightness.

Children's room girls should look very delicate and calm. Use materials and soft textures, reminiscent of a whiff of fresh breeze. The best colors are pastel colors, as they create a more relaxed atmosphere.

This is one of the reasons for the popularity of pink color. In addition, it is a soothing shade, so you can use it on walls and decor in general. But there are many other beautiful options. For example, the coral is very good. You can also use yellow and, of course, white.

Pink color can be just an accent in combination with bright and neutral shades.

You can add color in curtains or accessories.

Decorative cushions are also an ideal option.

Personalize the room and make it unique.

You can soften the color using other neutral and contrasting hues.

Coral walls look exquisite in the company of various antique accessories.

Gray may seem like a sad color, but it's a good background for more fun tones.

Traditionally it looks like a children's room with decorative ornaments and a beautiful chandelier.

The decoration in a simple style can still look cute and friendly, if you use the right textures.

Sometimes it is possible to oversaturate the room with a pink color, but still it's beautiful.

Strong color contrasts allow the decor to be successfully balanced.

Paint or drapery of the ceiling will give the child the opportunity to view it.

Have fun, pasting wall stickers and decorations. This is a fun and exciting activity.

Stickers for walls in the form of wood are the most common, suitable in different designs.

A beautiful shade of blue or blue can be suitable for both girls' rooms and boys.

Neutral (gray) background is ideal for emphasizing other colors.

Give the room a bit of a magical look by making a canopy over the baby bed.

Decorate the walls and windows, give the room a more dynamic look.

A very interesting and practical way to decorate the walls of the children's room with what is at hand.

Use different shades of the same color to visually create focal points.

It is better to keep the decor simple to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

As a thematic version, a children's room with cheerful decorations and traditional elements.

Creating a bright decor of the nursery, make sure that he does not strain his eyesight. The color scale is usually associated with the sex of the child. Blue or blue – for boys, pink or pastel is more suitable for a girl's room.

For color variety, mix the main colors with red, green or other colors of soft shades of warm and cold tones. You also need to know that the children's room, decorated for the girl, is usually a little more complicated and richer. Although simple decor can also be an excellent choice.

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Excellent advice for all moms, or those who think they become. A good, clear explanation of each design, color scheme and other details of the design of the room for girls. I support, pastel colors are ideal for children, making it calmer and more elegant. Stickers for walls will diversify the space and attract the attention of the baby.

Bozhechki, what mercy, what beauty! I have no words! I immediately want to return a year ago and make one of these rooms for my daughter. There are no words, such all lovely, excellent designs, colors which are used in an interior on especial are beautiful! Thanks for the tips and ideas!

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