Stylish ceramic tiles in the interior of the kitchen: an amazing selection of photos with interesting design solutions


In the center of our attention today is ceramic tiles in the interior of the kitchen.

There is a difference in situations where you want to create something for yourself for a long time and when you are doing some transformation in order to sell the house in the near future, even if you have lived in it for several years.

In the second case, you need to keep neutrality and try to imagine what you would like to get if you were at the buyer's place. But if this is your own home and you are not going to part with it, the kitchen is his heart, and you should be concerned that she too is, so to speak, your personal, close in spirit.

Tiles – this is an original element of decor, which is simply necessary to install. When your tastes change or you decide to set up a house for sale, the apron will not be the easiest to replace the part. Although this is an excellent opportunity to allocate space for cooking. And here the most important thing is to treat this place with love.

In the following projects, there is at least one common feature: they demonstrate an amazing and unique work with tiles and modern decoration materials. The proposed options are simply amazing and make the culinary zones nice and pleasant. I think acquaintance with these wonderful design solutions will certainly be useful for readers of the online magazine Ideas of Kitchen Interiors.

Using a tile with beautiful patterns as a bead that also fills the area under the hood will allow you to create a strong graphic accent.

Bright glossy tiles in a metal environment

The red apron is a bold decision, denoting a mini-kitchen as a separate territory in this open space.

Green – the color of life and energy

A tile of different green shades makes the room more fun and energetic. There is not only nice to be, but you can quickly gain vigor – such a strong color scheme of the room.

Stylish and elegant tiles with a beautiful pattern

Cabinets and an oven, enclosed in a frame, provide great opportunities for the use of patterned tiles. Just look how much more elegant the space has become with it.

Picture type near

Here you can see in more detail the pattern that this project offers to us, demonstrated in the previous photo.

Neutral and gentle shade of green

A kitchen apron with a thin mirror and shiny tiles adds an elusive charm to this elegant kitchenette.

Bright mosaic panel

Flickering glass tiles add light, making the room even brighter. The cabinet of cabinets and countertops is an ideal choice for this composition.

Large tiles with a large pattern

This drawing gives the room a sense of European sophistication and light notes of a charming Mediterranean style.

Fine white tile

Small squares and dark grout distinguish the tile and make the apron a separate design element. Also see how the upper open shelf under the ceiling is underlined by this clutch.

Charming narrow strip of bright green color

A low side with a large tile is an ideal option for adding something bright, for example, a scintillating shade of lime. This bold stroke will be an excellent end to the overall picture.

I liked the article very much! We are going to do repairs, the tips are relevant. I really liked the bright apron, I think this option is also used.

From the variety and abundance of the choice of decor for the kitchen, to emphasize its uniqueness, and also to please yourself and loved ones, the head is spinning. Especially impressed with the shimmering glass tile, which gives some idleness of the kitchen.

I would never have thought that with the help of ordinary tiles you can create such beauty! I underlined a few ideas from this article for the future decor

A very interesting option is to create a red apron from ceramic tiles. The proposal is bold and gives an irresistible look to the whole kitchen. How are you?

I really liked the tile with a large pattern. From her and blows something eastern. How nice to cook in such a kitchen.

After reading this article, I realized that I would fill up the ranks of those who prefer green shades in the kitchen, and what if you use a patterned tile of your favorite shades? I think I found a version of my dream.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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