Stylish and eternal combination of black and white in the interior of the bathroom

Black and white represent colors, which for many years still remain relevant, popular and fashionable. The interior of the bathroom in such a color combination will always look expensive, respectable, elegant and elegant. The big plus is the fact that this color solution is equally suitable, both for spacious premises, and for small ones. And if you maintain the right color proportion, then, in addition to fashion and stylish interior, you can still create a beautiful relaxation zone in your house. It is only necessary to follow certain rules and recommendations. Let's try to sort things out in order.

If the area of ​​the canal room is small

If the premise of the bathroom is small in size, then the main color in the interior should be white. This applies to the color of the walls, and the floor and ceiling. Such design will serve as a visual increase in space.

It is not bad to decorate the walls with at least a few vertical stripes, for example, from tiles – this technique will help visually raise the ceiling. Even if the tile is not monophonic, but with a pattern (vegetative or geometric).

There is one more little nuance. By placing the mirror, it is necessary to check that the black wall or black bars (if any) are not reflected in it.

On the white floor is not bad, for example, to lay a black mat. And it will be even more effective if you lay out black geometric figures on a white floor tile, one of the simplest variants is a chessboard.

Also, it is not recommended to make the edging in black on the perimeter of the room – the area will be lost immediately. The form of sanitary ware is most suitable in this case rectangular.

And all sorts of shelves are best purchased transparent, so as not to conceal precious space, for example, glass or plastic. Wonderful fit and a transparent shower cabin made of glass.

With regard to the choice of fixtures, it is best to stop on made of crystal, or having a metal frame.

And do not forget that a small room in a black and white bathroom should be very well illuminated. Do not forbid and accessories of bright colors, for example, green, orange or yellow as the color accents of the interior. Always very appropriate living flowers.

If the bathroom is spacious

Well, in this situation, there are wide possibilities for decorating the room. Owners of such bathrooms can only be envied, all the more so in a black and white combination such mansions will look simply delicious.

In this scenario, there are a lot of design options. You can use more black in the interior, for example, thus decorating two or even three walls and only one decorate with white. In this case, the central wall can be made with a pattern.

The floor is black in this case. The ceiling should be made in white. In the interior of the spacious bathroom are appropriate black borders, laid out with tiles. If desired, you can use not a monochrome black tile, but with a gray or silver ornament – you will get a beautiful combination. Mirror is most effective in this interior looks in a silver frame.

On the floor you can use a fluffy white carpet. Plumbing is preferred light: white or milky, although it is allowed if the interior of the bathroom is black.

In the interior of a large and spacious bathroom room can always accommodate a lot of decorative items, such as various outdoor vases, lamps with original lampshades, candles and much more, whatever your imagination.

Summing up, one should adhere to the following:

Making out the interior of the bathroom in black and white colors, you should follow simple rules to achieve a good final result:

  1. if the room is small, white must predominate in the interior, and vice versa, if large – more black is permissible;
  2. It is not recommended to use too much tiles with ornament to avoid feeling cluttered room (and the perception can be just this);
  3. place a mirror, as well as mirror cupboards so that they do not reflect the black wall;
  4. if the bathroom is small, it should always have a lot of lighting, while in a spacious room some muted zones are allowed;
  5. if you use color accents, it is preferable to use colors such as red, gray, beige or green;
  6. Always remember to keep the style, as well as the sense of proportion when using the decor

And a few more nuances

Black color helps to focus the person on something, as if encouraging him to look into his inner world, and white creates an atmosphere of surprising ease and purity.

And what kind of balance you need to solve only you, relying on your own inner worldview. The main thing is to avoid oversaturation with one color or another. Otherwise, the comfortable situation in the interior will not work.

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