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The arrangement of the kitchen often leaves even the most determined people at a loss. After all, this household zone contains a lot of necessary things, which must always be at hand. Experienced designers believe that the design of the kitchen is best suited for classical trends or new trends in the style of hi tech or techno.

Country Style

The country style style gives us a rural identity with the color of the countryside. In fact, this classic is diluted with freedom of modernism. Country style today is especially popular due to a combination of ease of use with an acceptable cost.

In the kitchen furniture country style, simple forms, natural shades and absolute naturalness of materials prevail. In preference, undoubtedly, an array of natural wood, but the facades of kitchens can be made of MDF, chipboard, natural rattan and bamboo. The floor and hanging cabinets, having swinging facades, resemble the design of classical kitchens. Wicker furniture and other interior details are welcome: bookcases with boxes, chairs, lampshades.

Of particular value is handwork: pendant carved shelves, benches, knitted fringe and embroidery on towels. Necessary kitchen details of country style: linen textiles and motley chintz (curtains, tablecloth), numerous wicker baskets and "rustic" rugs, cast-iron pots and pottery. Furniture mold castings have a rough look.

In kitchens with design in the country style, a stand-alone technique (solo) is allowed. Universal design of this direction can be used not only for country houses, but also in the apartments of the metropolis.

Style Provence

Another style close to country is Provence, associated with the warmth of the southern sun. Kitchens of this direction do not suffer artificiality. Here, natural materials with their distinct structure are preferred. To emphasize the style used wood, painted tiles from ceramics, glazed brick or mosaic. The texture of materials is the most important part of the Provence style. For example, part of the kitchen wall can be faced with a natural stone or cork tree, and a window opening with curtains made of linen.

Furniture style Provence with the help of special equipment craquelure is given an aged look. The ideal color scheme of this style contains light brown, beige, sand and gray color. Neutral colors should be diluted with juicy shades: red, blue, saturated purple or bright green.

Due to their practicality and rigor, such styles (country, provance, classics) never get out of the stream of fashion trends. The kitchen, decorated in these style directions, will always be relevant.

This option is ideal for people who do not tolerate frequent repairs and do not tolerate a change of scenery. It is enough to continue to update individual elements of the interior, for example, change the curtains on the windows and buy new flower pots. It is possible to replace the wooden panels on the kitchen facades with rattan or stained glass, and the kitchen will play in a new way.

Techno and hi tech styles

From the kitchens of the rustic style we turn to the perfect opposite – the urban styles of techno and hi tech. The progenitor of these fashion trends is modernism, in which modern concepts of an industrial society have been introduced for a century. These styles are aimed, first of all, at getting rid of the excess of details and underlining the technical progress. Only elements of constant use are used in the design. The principle of these styles is convenience and functionality. High-tech materials have a special strength and durability.

In the design of the kitchen, preference is given to innovative materials, strict geometric shapes, monochrome shades, a combination of metal surfaces and glass. Such kitchens are an effective framework for technical developments designed to facilitate kitchen work. All household appliances harmoniously fit into the overall interior and are exposed for show, being a necessary part of it.

Kitchen furniture of techno and hi tech style is especially ergonomic and multifunctional. Smooth facades have clear lines and glossy shine. Due to these qualities, the narrow kitchen space visually increases. Modular furniture is equipped with a set of drawers, shelves, "carousels", which are usually equipped with different mechanisms: pneumatic shock absorbers, "lifts", door closers. Mechanization of kitchen furniture makes it noiseless and comfortable.

When decorating kitchens in a techno-style or hi tech, archiving the important task is the correct distribution of lighting. Electric light should create a spacious effect. One chandelier is indispensable here. Spotlights are intended for the working area; LED lighting distinguishes furniture and structural elements of the ceiling; a group of string fixtures are suspended above the dining area. Sofitas perfectly in harmony with the interior of the techno-kitchen. For lighting fixtures choose the most simple shapes: cone, ball or cube.

Decorative elements of hi-tech style are of an abstract nature: vases of incredible shapes, original lamps, avant-garde reproductions. All the details and design elements evoke thoughts about space expanses. Even the metal worktop looks like a landing place for a spacecraft. Similar styles for decorating the kitchen space are chosen by determined people, respecting technological progress.

These styles – classic, country, provence, techno – are great for decorating the kitchen, as the kitchen space is used with the greatest functionality. The choice of the design direction is formed from the style of life and the characteristic features inherent in each person. Classics are suitable for the romantic nature of the sphere of art, and techno – for business people with a dynamic nature.

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