Style functionality in the youthful interior – a wonderful design of the interior of children's rooms for teenage boys – photo selection


Graphic drawings on a soft coverlet

We offer the participants of the Interiors Room Portal to consider an interesting room design for a teenage boy.

A guy at this age needs several versatile zones: for sleep, study, rest and socializing with friends.

The classroom includes lockers, bookshelves and a desk that is best placed to the window, and in case of darkness, you should provide enough light to work.

Many people think that general coverage will cope with such a task, but they are mistaken. Schoolchildren need table lamps.

Light gray floor of interesting texture

Boys do not like massive cabinets, they prefer light racks.

Large shelves and small storage systems can be placed above the bed or near the work area.

On the table, which serves as a place for classes, a computer should fit in, while leaving room for work.

Angular table – the best solution for any interior of the boy's room.

Red room in the style of minimalism

All boys want to look sporty, so the place for games is one of the important zones.

Here are the weights, pear and other relevant inventory.

And if your child is fond of books, not sports, buy him in the bedroom a soft sofa or couch.

Although every child needs a place to rest, and absolutely all children love to play.

Textured wooden furniture surfaces

Items of furniture in the boy's bedroom should be compact and simple.

In these interiors, everything should be at a minimum: shelves of unusual shape, a small but roomy table, a stylish armchair, a locker for clothes and a bed.

Techniques also should not be too much. A small TV and a computer are the best option.

Orange palette of furniture solutions

Dark colors of these projects can be diluted with blue, yellow and emerald tones.

Panoramic windows in a large children's room

Nut, cream and all light colors are perfect for bedroom furniture of a young representative of the stronger sex.

Square pattern on a large carpet

Brown room for a teenage boy

Exclusive solutions for bookshelves in the children's room.

The yellow road for various necessary things

The theme of red poppies in every detail of the room

Swamp decor elements in a pastel dwelling

Huge windows filling the room with sunlight

Mysterious light on the ceiling

Sea idea in red

Striped orange in a spacious room

Different colors in a compact environment

Marine motifs in blue-blue color on the interior photo for a teenager.

Surfing – the best solution for a young man

Gray "hive" illuminating the path

Cheerful rain on a black bed

Tubes of paint on a motley wall

White table for classes and a green bed in the interior for a guy in the photo.

Nature in a room in green grass

Noble colors for a young astronomer

Bright inserts in beige palette of a boy's bedroom

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In this collection there are very non-standard ideas. For example, the first photo: I would be surprised to see such a juicy red color in the boy's room, but all together looks very harmonious and youthful. I liked the bright yellow shelf for books and trifles, made in the form of lightning or zig-zag. Also I liked the idea of ​​decorating a room with a picture on which umbrellas are depicted.

Typically masculine – strict, neat interiors. Successful solutions with corner tables, so in fact opens up a lot of room in the room. The choice of color in the room for a young man, in my opinion, depends entirely on the preferences of the owner of the room.

Where to start when creating a children's room for a teenager – the first – of course, ask the child himself so that he would like to see. The second step is to divide the room into zones: sleep, rest, work. But if you do not have enough imagination, you can take one of the presented rooms as a basis, something will definitely be like it.

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