Style and practicality – 25 creative ideas for bedrooms with work areas

Ultra-modern boudoir in the spirit of minimalism, equipped with a compact area for work. Photos by Peter A. Sellar

Currently, many prefer to work at home, for which there is a need to add a compact and ergonomic mini office equipped with a personal computer to the living space.

In this case, the owners of apartments rarely have a desire to equip the workplace in the bedroom, and preference is given to the living room, dining room or even the kitchen.

But the best place to create a home office is a quiet rest room, where, unlike other rooms, there are no distractions.

Placement of the workstation in the bedroom is the best solution for those who do not have additional space for their office. We present 25 wonderful examples of home office equipment projects in a cozy and quiet environment of a private area.

With this approach to the use of color and texture, the light desktop and office chair becomes less noticeable and does not destroy the idyll of the sleeping zone. from Dupuis Design

A simple and elegant place for study and work is perfectly combined with a cozy corner for sleeping. design by Jerry Bussanmas

Modernity and comfort of the interior from Dupuis Design as a model of elegance and style

The excitement and pomposity of the stunning bedroom blend perfectly with the modern working area. design by Estudio Gutman Lehrer

Elegance and modernity

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why many place a working area in the bedroom is the lack of a free room for cabinet equipment. But very often in this room there is not enough room for a full-fledged mini-office.

Solve this problem by replacing the traditional bedside table with a writing or computer desk. This is quite easy to implement without sacrificing the unique shape of the dream zone and not changing its design project. In this case, the table lamp on one edge of the table will light up the laptop and the head end of the bed.

A teenage bed on the catwalk with a sliding table top is an original idea that saves space. The idea works well in adults. Design by Susanna Cots

A charming bedroom with a compact work place instead of a traditional bedside table. design by Dayka Robinson Designs

The desk duplicates the bedside cabinet next to the "royal" bed. Design by Gates Interior Design

Another way to overcome this problem is to create a simple desktop design that is thoroughly fixed to the wall and will serve for a long time as a convenient console even after the decision is made to move the home office to another location.

In addition, you need a comfortable chair and shelves.

Competent use of space. Interior from Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

Bright spots in the white elegant bedroom from Angus Cowan Constructions

Light shelves above the working area add a relaxation room to the attractive design of Grade NYC

Guest room with Murphy bed and mini-office idea Kerrie L. KellyB Creative approach to a combination of spaces with different functionalities

Are there still doubts when combining the workspace with the bedroom? Distract distractions and sit at the computer until the morning? There is a simple and ingenious solution – to equip a home office, conventionally separating it from the bed with sliding glass or decorative doors. This is a good way to delineate space.

Sliding door, stylized under the granary, hides from the prying eyes a home office and a bathroom. the original idea of ​​the Design Platform

Workplace on a small covered terrace with a magnificent view behind the panoramic window. from Dana Berkus Interior

The original solution: office day and bedroom at night – retractable in the closet Murphy bed allows you to easily switch between sleeping and waking. design Tailored Living

The contrasting wall-headboard separates the elegant bedroom from the working space from the Louise de Miranda

Office, disguised as a closet in a modern apartment in New York design from West Chin Architects

"Heap" of styles and ideas

When you include a workstation in a private room, it is not necessary to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of functionality – this is remarkably confirmed by the below photo-selection.

Elegant work desk and easy chair support the unique style of the girls' bedrooms with a design from Urrutia Design

A spacious room with panoramic windows and views of Chicago, combined with the working area Fredman Design Group

In the center of attention is a magnificent zone for creativity in the corner of the white bedroom. design by Fredman Design Group

Bright spots in the white bedroom with an integrated table. Interior of Causa Design Group

The cozy colonial style does not oppose the inclusion of a computer desk in the interior of the Progressive Builders

Over the lowly work area worked Sara Bates

Space, comfort and practicality from Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

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Since most of the working area is placed in the bedroom, these tips will be useful to many. Especially liked the idea with a sliding door, which separates the workplace from the bedroom. It seems that the room is in a separate room. However, this idea can be realized only in fairly spacious rooms.

Such a lot of ideas will make it easy to organize a working area in the bedroom. Especially original to me seemed a bedroom in a minimalist style and the bedroom is organized as for a teenager, but with all the attributes that an adult needs.

The work areas in the bedroom interior are very well inscribed, and in a couple of options it even seems that this sleeping place is conveniently located in the office. An actual article, many will benefit from ideas.

Such an interior of a small room is an excellent solution in all cases. But the working area in the bedroom should fit into the overall design and be comfortable and harmonious. By the way, a very good idea for creative people. I knew about the working area in the living room, but I did not hear about the working area in the bedroom.

So many great ideas, you do not even know which one attracts your attention most of all. But I still settled on the first idea of ​​the interior. I liked her more than the rest. Everything is quite simple and cozy. And most importantly comfortable. After all, comfort and comfort is the most important thing in the bedroom.

Of course, the workplace in the bedroom is a good solution in the event that there is nowhere else to place it. This is justified if the person works at home. And here a large number of affordable, comfortable and elegant accommodation options are offered, which fit well into the overall concept of a bedroom.

Excellent ideas for creating two zones in one room: a working place in the bedroom. Very interesting variants are presented, the only thing I did not like very much was the dark bedrooms, in which, it seems to me, I do not want to work, but only to sleep.

The workplace in the bedroom is a combination of enjoyable and useful. Thanks for the smart ideas, the right combination of work area and rest area can significantly transform your room.

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