Stunning variants of design of children's rooms – we study zoning on successful examples


For each action in the apartment there should be a separate room: kitchen – for eating, a bedroom – for rest, an office – for work. In the small one-room apartment the same rules work, only in this case it is necessary to zonate the space of one room.

In the children's room, it is also necessary to combine several functions, because it is here that the child spends most of his time. His main activities are play, creativity and sleep. Proceeding from this, the room should be divided into three main zones – the gaming area, the working area and the recreation area.

The game zone should be designed taking into account the wishes of the child. The girl will probably be delighted with Barbie's house, and it will be interesting for the boy to play with a multi-level auto track (although there are exceptions). The child can be interested in nature or completely immersed in a fictional world.

Based on his interests, it's easier to choose flooring, textiles and other accessories for the nursery. Boys need to leave plenty of free space for games, and for girls it's more important to retire in a secluded corner.

In the game zone it is necessary to arrange:

  • places for storing toys – boxes, shelves, chest of drawers, baskets, etc .;
  • a place for role-playing games; house for games – tent, screen, house for dolls and stuff.

The working area is much easier to create. It requires: a source of additional lighting, a table and a chair, a cabinet or shelves for painting, modeling and appliqué supplies. It is desirable to separate the work area from the rest of the room not only with color, but also with a screen, curtain or a small partition.

Creativity is also important for the child, like the game, so at this time it should not be distracting. It is better to arrange a rest zone without attracting a child. The only thing that he can choose is a drawing of textiles. In this area you need quiet soft colors and a small night light.

Toys and books are best removed from the bed away, otherwise the child will play instead of sleep. If the area of ​​the room allows, then you can organize a small sports corner next to the play area. Any child will be happy to rock on the rings or the rope and climb along the "Swedish wall". In this girls do not differ from boys.

In a small childrens room, the zoning can be carried out using a movable screen, with which some part of the space is separated. Or purchase a furniture module in which the work or play area is under a bed.

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