Stunning kitchen interior 12 sq. M. m in white and brown tones – a wonderful example of ergonomic design


Ergonomic design of beige cuisine with rustic motifs

In the kitchen 12 m2, the country motifs and the state-of-the-art technology for the cooking process were perfectly matched. As a result, each member of the family received everything from the design of the kitchen in white and brown tones, although the age category and tastes of all the inhabitants are different.

Green kitchen cupboard

Lavka-sofa – a comfortable and soft place for family gatherings

The picture on the wall depicting poppies is made in one color scheme with a kitchen set, and it seems that you are immersed in a floral world with a head.

The painting on the wall is the main accent of the design

Chic poppy field

At 12 m2 kitchen is a real green garden. Plants, planted in wooden boxes, can be used immediately in cooking.

Spacious wooden boxes for greenery

The dining table is made from a saw of a huge tree and polished to a mirror finish.

The original table, in the form of a saw of a huge tree

Iron support of an unusual table

The furniture items in this kitchen are standard, but due to the unusual design they look very stylish. The facades of lockers are painted by hand, and make up a single plant picture with the opposite wall.

Hand painted on the facades of lockers

The working surface is very long, smoothly passing to the next wall and being an additional table. Bar stools are made of translucent glass.

Mirror oven built into the kitchen

Chairs resembling glass wine corks

The couch-sofa made of oak rested comfortably along the wall with poppies. On it, organically attached small pads of linen.

Decorative cushions made of linen in original design

The refrigerator designers hid in a large niche.

Green cabinet for the right things

Huge fridge space

Kitchen lighting plays an important role in the design. The painting on the wall is highlighted with spotlights.

Multifunctional lighting system

Flowers under floodlighting

LED lights highlight the working area of ​​the kitchen.

Illumination of the working area

Above the table of the Thai acacia, a meter long lampshade in the diameter is perfectly located, which completely illuminates the dining area. This lamp collects all members of the family under it.

East white tent

Kitchen lighting system

Kitchen in 12 m2 has a wooden floor covering, painted in green and giving the interior a country chic.

Emerald floor boards

Cozy wood structure

Plan of furniture arrangement (top view)

Modern oven with timer

Washing with water filtration system

Black and white plan kitchen 12 m2

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