Stunning ideas for organizing storage systems in bathrooms


A spacious bathroom is a dream for many (photo provided by Kitchens & Baths Unlimited, Inc.)

Can you say with confidence that the bathroom in the house fully meets your needs, that is, it is so spacious that it allows not only to comfortably take water procedures, but also to place all the necessary accessories (towels, bathrobes, cosmetics, shower products, stores of washing powder, etc.)?

If the answer is yes, then you are a happy owner of a really luxurious room, in which, for sure, a double washbasin is installed according to fashion trends, and a place for a ladies' table is allocated. And the problem of distributing the necessary things has never arisen.

But, unfortunately, most visitors, for sure, can not boast of this. And day after day, many have to solve the difficult task of finding a free space for another bubble, towels, etc., as well as preserving the presentable appearance of the bathroom interior.

In this thread, you are invited to look at some interesting ideas that, perhaps, someone will help solve the indicated problem and organize your own exclusive storage system, which can become an adornment of your apartment or house.

Embedded Storage Systems

The most common and convenient, of course, are the built-in storage systems. Even the pedestals offered by modern manufacturers already have them under the sinks.

Certainly, interior ideas for a bathroom with built-in furniture will be determined primarily by the dimensions of the room, but the owners' desire for excellence and elegance is no less important in this matter.

It is for such demanding customers, who are not deprived of a certain degree of vanity, that Restoration Hardware company has created a luxury set of "Hutton Extra-Wide Single Vanity".

In this case, you can choose the material and color of the facades, which can be made from traditional MDF of any color, moisture-proof wood of natural shade, and also from stone materials of predominantly dark tones.

Storage systems for vain customers

Another option for such furniture, located under the sink, but giving the interior a special glamor, are the open racks. And for the convenience of storage of bath accessories and facilities, spectacular wicker baskets of various sizes are provided in them. Such a kit can be purchased from Lonny, which will make it in accordance with the dimensions of your bathroom.

A spacious storage system with wicker baskets

The next idea was borrowed from the designers of kitchen furniture. Drawers, also located under the sink, will not only be convenient, but also a compact place for organized storage of useful trifles. For example, in a locker from The Furniture Guild for each subject a certain place is allocated, and the problem of finding a comb, a hair dryer and the subsequent unraveling of wires will disappear once and for all.

A convenient solution for storing small appliances

In another version of the drawer, the furniture manufacturer Robin Hiken Interiors has provided cylindrical containers that can be of different diameters and are suitable for accurately placing various long objects (stylers, brushes, hairdryers, etc.).

Comfortable containers for your favorite and necessary items

A very effective and competent solution for the organization of storage systems in small bathrooms should be called the use of mirror facades. And although the designers claim that such panels are no longer fashionable, does not the room decorated by Ian Moore Architects delight you?

First, thanks to reflecting surfaces occupying the entire wall, the room began to look simply huge and very light. And, secondly, they very gracefully disguised capacious lockers or shelves, located in the upper part of the wall.

Mirror panels – a successful and effective solution for modern bathrooms

If you can say with confidence that your bathroom is always in perfect order, and you enjoy it, you can safely take advantage of the idea offered by Capital Closets. An open rack with asymmetrically arranged shelves and neatly laid out things will surely look very nice and even stylish.

In addition, due to the small depth, it will allow some space to be released. It should be noted that this option will be simply indispensable for not very good layout of the premises, for example, if there are niches in it.

An open shelving that preserves the space

If at the interior design of the bathroom you will understand that you can not afford either a roomy rack or compact built-in closets, your favorite shelves will come to the rescue. Look how it is possible to create an original and very elegant system of storage from individual elements, which can be made of any material: wood, metal, stone. However, it does not take away precious meters, since it occupies the upper part of the room.

Open storage system using separate shelves (photo provided by Wanda Ely Architect Inc.)

Simple, affordable but effective ideas for storage systems in bathrooms

The ideas presented below are distinguished by their genius and simplicity. You do not need to contact professionals to implement them, since they are all available to anyone who knows how to handle the tool.

And as a first example, a project developed by designers from Lonny will be logical. A bulk frame for a mirror with protruding beads will not only not interfere with the viewing of their display, but will also allow them to place useful details for daily use.

In this case, the side edges can be used for towels or bathrobes, if you pre-fix the hooks on them.

A convenient and effective frame for the mirror

Of course, we can not call and chrome-plated hanging products, which are very popular nowadays and therefore in a wide range are presented in many stores. One of the companies offering such items is Crate & Barrel. Their compact and durable storage systems allow you to create a modern and stylish interior, and also save a lot of space.

Stylish, fashionable and compact hanging shelf for towels

No matter how thoughtful the furniture was for convenient and accurate placement of bath accessories, sooner or later its volumes will not be missed. To the aid can come forgotten and ancient objects, differing original forms and, as a rule, compact in size.

And do not be frightened by unfashionable facades or inappropriate colors, since such a thing will undoubtedly bring a certain amount of eclecticism and vintage charm to your impeccable interior.

Strength and vintage will solve the problem of storage of things in the bathroom (photo provided by Corynne Pless)

Of course, if there are not enough places for storage, it is not necessary to look for antique furniture, modern objects can successfully replace it.

At the same time, if you want to transform your bathroom a little, buy a cabinet or a rack that breaks out of the general style, such as a black massive cabinet with glass doors in the photo below from Your Home Architect.

Despite the fact that it does not correspond to the design of the premises, is it possible to say that this object disfigures it? On the contrary, he added some eccentric piquancy, which made the interior interesting and memorable.

Eclectic items for storing things, like the original approach to decorating a bathroom

Certainly, not many will dare to boldly transform their homes. Therefore, the way out of this situation will be the acquisition of stylish and effective furniture, fully consistent with the interior of the bathroom, such as a black lacquered chest in the style of Hollywood Regency from the firm Lonny.

This subject perfectly fits into the contrasting two-tone decoration of the room. But that the room does not look very gloomy, the designers have provided a bright green box, which must necessarily be installed in a conspicuous place and can be used to store towels, rollers of toilet paper, napkins, etc. in it.

Lacquered chest of drawers with a green box for a luxurious bathroom interior

If you do not pursue luxury, and maintaining a common style is not a top priority task, you should pay attention to compact and mobile interior items for a bathroom from the industrial collection of the Dutch company Restoration Hardware.

Curbstones and racks on wheels are available in different sizes, so pick the most suitable model will not be difficult.

Industrial collection of mobile storage systems from Restoration Hardware

And another version of mirror furniture for the bathroom, offered by Lonny, is suitable for small rooms. This time, you are invited to pay attention to the kit consisting of a hanging cabinet and pedestals, which use reflecting facades.

By the way, in Russian stores it's very easy to find similar headsets, which though have compact dimensions, but allow you to hide some of the necessary trifles.

Mirror furniture for a stylish bathroom

Do not forget that in order not only need the room itself, but also the internal volume of storage systems. To help in this can be modern special racks designed for filling furniture.

This is especially true when the shelves in the cabinets are located at a considerable distance from each other, and you simply can not physically use the entire volume rationally.

Below you are invited to look at a small furniture organizer with a drawer from the company Crate & Barrel, which will become a faithful assistant for cleaning the bathroom.

Elegant furniture organizer with drawer

A very popular and trendy way to solve the problem of storage of things is the use of boxes, trunks, baskets of various colors and sizes.

Using a similar system, you can create your own original style, especially if you pick up boxes of different materials and textures, organically combined with each other, such as the company CB2 offers. In addition, your things will be reliably hidden from the eyes of strangers.

Effective combination of various storage boxes

Of course, the above options are only part of the ideas that help to organize roomy storage systems for bathrooms.

Perhaps, you also have interesting ways that it would be nice to share with other visitors?

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In bathrooms, as a rule, there is a large number of different necessary trifles, which need to be placed somewhere so that they do not interfere. Extremely useful will be a special compartment for a hair dryer, curling iron and comb, as in one of the photos. Also very convenient, when all the towels are stored not somewhere in another room in the closet, but right in the bathroom.

Mirror furniture, perhaps the best solution, cabinets and lockers a lot and at the same time the bathroom space remains light and visually large.

I liked the open storage system most of all, because everything you need is visible and does not take up much space. And what option attracts you?

Personally, I like the built-in storage systems. But especially liked lockers for small household appliances. I'll take note!

Important tips for organizing space in the bathroom. Thank you for the information provided.

The question of organizing space in the bathroom is one of the important. This article gives very good advice. For example, I really liked the black lacquered chest of drawers in the style of the company Lonny. The decoration is simply amazing! My dream! And what options did you like most?

Very informative and useful article. I personally often face the problem of organizing things, some of these tips have become for me a discovery, especially like metal organizers and nightstands with special holes for plaques, combs and a hair dryer.

Actual for me article – ahead of the vacation and a complete redesign of the bathroom. A couple of ideas exactly in the piggy bank grab, apart from the banal cabinets, nothing to come up with yet. Although about the wicker baskets for storage, too, was thinking.

Built-in storage in the bathroom is a vital thing! There is never enough room for all sachets, jars, powders. Antique furniture in the bathroom as a storage box creates a vintage interior of the room.

The bathroom is one of the most amazing places to relax and relieve fatigue. It's nice when the atmosphere in this room contributes to this. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Separately for herself allocated mirror furniture and separate shelves Wanda Ely Architect Inc. For a small bathroom – this is exactly what you need.

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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