Standard kitchen layout – design ideas that help to organize an ideal workspace


The layout of the kitchen can be different, and if the arrangement is to be completed, all options are worth considering. In most cases, the form is rectangular, if it is a question of typical high-rise buildings; less often you can find a square. Usually, the kitchen gets through the door leading out of the corridor, and most often opposite it is a window.

If the kitchen is rectangular, it is not difficult to plan it. But, that places for cooking, eating and placing equipment, were arranged in an optimal way, you will have to break your head. Standard furniture placement in the case of a rectangular kitchen – placement of furniture along the walls. It is competent from the point of view of ergonomics, but this decision deprives the room of its "face".

Varieties of planning


You can combine the stove, the sink, the dining table together – they will form an island standing next to the window. The downside of this solution is that you need to get permission to move the sink and the stove. But if it works, and also if the configuration allows, you can remove part of the wall and make the doorway more spacious – the kitchen will be bigger. True, the living area will take place already in another room. This layout is a good solution for young couples.


With the first option it combines that, too, will have to take permission to move the slab and the sink – in this case to the wall with the window. Not the most practical option, but more aesthetic and effective. What to give preference – the choice is yours.

Very impressive and non-standard option, in which the kitchen appears bar area. The stand can be used as a dining table. The refrigerator is located under the counter top. The option will be especially successful if the kitchen has a bay window.


There are kitchens, doors in which are on a long wall, and not opposite windows. Often in such plans there is a bay window. This circumstance can be successfully used, freeing up space for a spacious dining area by moving the work area to the place opposite the bay window. If the kitchen is spacious, then under the window you can put a sofa.


It is impossible to equip the dining area in the above ways? Then you can use the balcony and on its border with the room to make a bar, playing the role of a table. The layout of the room as a whole will be linear: on one segment there are storage places for things and a refrigerator, on the other – a working area.


Plate can well become the heart of the kitchen, taking the main place. In this design, not a very large table is attached to it, behind which you can eat. This arrangement will certainly be to the taste of fans of fashionable restaurants, in particular, oriental cuisine, since it is customary to prepare meals periodically for customers.


If you want, that at you all always was near at hand, build kitchen-island. Then the stove, the sink, the place of food intake will be concentrated in one place, and you do not have to do extra body movements. True, with this planning, you will have to sacrifice a dining table.

Old and new

The combination of modern trends and classics – that's what this is. The table here is a continuation of the window sill, while the working area is given a typical L-shaped configuration. An additional advantage is that there is no need to insulate the balcony.

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