Stainless steel kitchen islands – gloss and style of your unique cuisine


Stainless steel products are very common in kitchens. This material has completely unique properties that can not be reproduced using other solutions. More often you can find kitchen islands made of steel, as they are functional, do not wear out and are simply beautiful.

Steel can easily be combined with other materials, such as wood. This option will be elegant and practical, especially if the rest of the decor elements will be in harmony with the chosen style.

There are many examples of color solutions that will perfectly match with such an islet. Say, white color will give the room a modern look with a hint of industrial style.

A good idea will be to choose bar chairs from the same metal, which will continue the overall concept. The wood floor will help balance the look.

It is worth repeating – stainless steel looks great in combination with wood. You can make a base of an island from it or choose wooden furniture. To complement the interior will help properly selected lamp or chandelier.

To avoid too cold and detached design, you can choose an island of a circular shape. Smooth lines will soften the severity of the metal, especially if you continue the "round" theme in other details.

If the whole kitchen is made in this style, then to avoid a dull look it is possible with the help of bright accessories, such as red chairs or original chandeliers.

Such islets perfectly suited not only for the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style. With proper decoration, they will look great even in a room with a classic design.

It is important not to forget about the lighting that adds shine and radiance to the interior.

If there is no desire to think about how to harmoniously add steel to the interior, why not design the whole kitchen in an industrial style? You just need to choose the suitable chairs and do not hide the ceiling pipes behind the panels, and integrate them into the decor.

Of course, everything we talked about today is just clues, but not rules. There are no clear limits to what can and can not be done when choosing such a table top. You can try to combine incongruous and create your own unique style.

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