Stainless steel in the design of the kitchen island – real examples of the most interesting interiors


There are at least three reasons for the popularity of stainless steel coatings: it is very durable, attractive and resistant to high temperatures. Designers enthusiastically apply it to design different elements of the kitchen environment.

Steel panels are often used for lining so-called aprons – elements that protect parts of walls located in close proximity to work surfaces, from splashes and dirt. However, today we would like to talk not about them, but about the kitchen islands with a coating of stainless steel.

Steel coating: a useful and stylish design component

This material is ideal for decorating worktops in modern interiors, as well as for facing the walls most prone to contamination. You can be convinced of this by the example of modern apartments in Brooklyn, a fragment of the interior of which is captured in the photo. The focus is a stylish kitchen with stainless steel elements, designed by Birdseye Building.

If in the first case we see a completely steel kitchen island, the shape and size more reminiscent of the dining table, only very high, then the photo below presents a variant in a more characteristic design, supplemented by bar stools made of the same material. These interiors are united by a neutral color palette, high quality of execution and impeccable style.

Stainless steel goes well with wood, especially rough or at least not polished. The example demonstrates this. Landscape outside the window has become almost the most important element of design, and living plants establish a visual connection between the interior and exterior space.

The next option is called Industrial, here stainless steel is peremptorily dominant over other textures, and the design itself takes us to a distant future, in which flights to space, as fantastic blockbusters propose to us, will become available to everyone.

Undoubtedly, the image turned out to be somewhat sterile, this not everyone will like, but lovers of cleanliness, monochrome and matte shine will definitely appreciate it.

The authors of this project tried to make the kitchen cozy as much as possible, considering that stainless steel prevails here. The main accent was made on a picturesque landscape, which is very well seen thanks to the through opening with a lift door in one of the walls. A vintage dining table and a woven rug bring a contrasting texture to the interior.

The proximity of marble and stainless steel in one kitchen space is quite common. This combination helps to avoid the appearance of the effect of sterility and make the interior more luxurious.

The abundance of natural light is very desirable for kitchens, in which there are at least a few steel elements, as it repeatedly enhances the gloss of surfaces.

Additions to the steel kitchen island

There are no hard and fast rules that determine which elements can be combined with a stainless steel kitchen island. Some designers are advised to supplement the brimming interiors with bright furniture that can focus all the attention on themselves.

Others recommend placing a bet on living plants and textiles with expressive texture so that the monochrome space interior becomes softer and more comfortable.

A regular vase with live flowers will be enough to ensure that the kitchen in the industrial style begins to radiate freshness and goodwill. A classical chandelier will make steel surfaces shine stronger.

If you are already a happy owner of a kitchen island, the components of which are made of stainless steel, do not be afraid to experiment with combinations. At your disposal – a huge selection of furnishings, accessories and jewelry that can reflect your, and not someone else's individuality.

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