Spectacular kitchen interior in a country house – enchanting harmony of mixing styles, colors and textures


The kitchen is always something more than just a room where food is prepared. Therefore, the interior of the kitchen in the house is given special attention. Today we will be convinced that color, functionality and style are of great importance in such an interior. First of all, the mood of the owners depends on this.

Survived several repairs and changes over a hundred and a half years, this small country house still has a huge spacious kitchen. The new owner, wading through the thorns of different styles, slipped in the interior, was able to give this room a second life – fashionable, elegant and elegant. And, importantly, made the kitchen much more functional than it was before.

Architect Robert Ross used a bright color palette and natural materials to create this modern country house. The advantage of this project with the redevelopment of the premises was that the design solution provided an excellent storage system, which was lacking before. At the same time, all communications of the kitchen and the living room remained untouched.

Two small windows, which previously provided only part of the room with natural light, Ross supplemented with another window and a system of artificial illumination of the kitchen. After one of the reconstructions, a wooden beam appeared in the house.

Despite the fact that the wooden floors could be replaced by steel, homeowners did not do this because of sentimentality and attachment to the house.

Surprisingly, this bright color palette was originally conceived in a completely different way! It was neutral. Cream cabinets, which the client wanted, eventually turned into yellow.

Blue details skillfully dilute this yellowness of cabinets and at the same time are the link between all elements of the interior. Glazed ceramic plinth perfectly fits with bright solar walls.

As in any house 19 century, the kitchen has low ceilings, which do not allow you to install high cabinets and open racks. Custom made furniture with increased depth allowed to solve the problem of lack of space and compensate for the lack of height.

To increase the functionality of the island in the center of the kitchen, the architect installed additional folding countertops that can be easily removed if necessary. In addition, now the island does not "get in the way" from someone who wants to go into the living room.

The location of the main elements in the room almost did not change. But it was decided to remove all unnecessary, which would interfere with the functional storage system. A small gas fireplace was removed in order to free the entire wall for the kitchen set.

A skillful combination of modern and vintage elements becomes the highlight of any interior. Metal hooks, on which are now hanging ladles and pans, add a room of comfort and warmth.

The stone countertop did not fit in the interior – it was chilling with cold, and this was completely out of place for this country house. The bamboo shelves added a touch of modernity to the overall image. In such a sunny kitchen, everyone, even the most gloomy, the morning will not be met without a smile.

A large storage space will not force its owners to think about where to put a frying pan or saucepan. A functional island will always expose its open wings to the guests who arrived. Entering this house, you seem to feel everything that happened here throughout the century. Each locker, pot and jar with spice seem familiar and familiar.

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