Special kitchen design: a beautiful and functional compromise between the wishes of the average person and the needs of the disabled person


Today you can get acquainted with the design of the kitchen located in the family house, which courageously copes with its difficult situation, and does not sacrifice the quality of life.

Dave and Judy Cornis have long been looking for a place where a wheelchair handicapped person could feel comfortable. As a result, they decided to build an unusual house, in which the couple would live comfortably.

The main task of the designer was to create a space that would not cause associations with disabilities, but it would be convenient for Dave. Using the example of the kitchen, you can see very clearly how the task was solved.

There is a lot of warm, natural wood

The architect Tracey Ronoldson first of all made all the passages wide, so that the wheelchair can move here in any direction. However, this space does not look empty due to the abundance of various details on the periphery of the room. The facades of their beech look neat and bulky.

Given that the room is not huge, then every centimeter of the square was taken into account. Therefore, the upper part of the cabinets is actively used, here are also shelves for decorative dishes. Storage areas are also mainly accessible to Jude. The room is flooded with sunlight, as the windows are located at the desired level.

A wide passage is ideal for a wheelchair

Particular attention was paid to washing. It is shallow, which allows Dave to fully use it. Deepening under it is necessary for the stroller to freely approach the surface. However, the size of this object is optimal for any job, water does not splash, and two compartments are very convenient.

The microwave oven is located under the oven, it is also easy to use from a sitting position. But baking can be done by the landlady. Outwardly such a peculiar arrangement of technology does not attract views. This is a classic kitchen in the interior, photo of which demonstrate the elegance of solutions.

Even the dishwasher has a more convenient form for Dave, he can load the dishes into it and then remove it. Therefore, near it there are boxes for storing frequently used cutlery and plates. The cooking surface, on the contrary, is adapted precisely to the habits of Judy.

The surfaces of the tables are made of modern and practical material

You can easily drive to the sink in a wheelchair

Even a dishwasher has a more convenient type of loading

Shallow double sink

Oven and microwave block

White tile only emphasizes the wealth of wooden facades

A huge window makes the view from the kitchen amazing

The kitchen presented in the article is perfectly suitable for a person with disabilities: a low-lying sink, not high-suspended cupboards, a wide passage to the kitchen itself – all this creates comfort and convenience for the disabled and does not hamper its capabilities. Impressive yet, and the fact that the furniture is made of natural noble wood, and not from cheap chipboard, so it looks like the situation in the kitchen is beautiful and expensive. It is true that such a variant of the kitchen is possible for its embodiment in cottages, since in standard apartments, unfortunately, there is not enough space for this.

Now they talk a lot about an accessible environment for disabled people. They want to feel equal with everyone. It's great when a wife who has limitations in health feels comfortable in the house and can wait for her husband to cook food and wash dishes. And even more pleased that this is the merit of her husband.

The kitchen, where all the details are thought out, is made in such a way that it will suit both a simple person and a person with disabilities, but at the same time, he will not feel in any way hurt because he can easily wash dishes, warm up food, drive himself up To the table, as space allows.

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