Sofa in the kitchen – 115 photo ideas in the interior of the kitchen


Kitchen is almost the most visited room in every house and a favorite place for gatherings with family and guests of our home. The interior of modern kitchen should combine such characteristics as style, practicality and multifunctionality, however, in view of the above, it is also not necessary to forget about the home cosiness. Very important role is played by furniture for the kitchen, tk. it depends on it how comfortable we will feel at the dining table.

An example of a combination of all the qualities described above are the sofas for the kitchen. Small in size, neat and visually attractive, they make our minds fill our minds about the cozy arrangement of our body during meals. These pieces of furniture can fill the atmosphere of comfort of any kitchen, regardless of the choice of the type of its design, tk. by its original definition, the sofas are designed for rest and relaxation not only of our physical shell, but also of the soul.

Sofa in the interior of the kitchen

Quadrature plays a big role in the choice of kitchen furniture. In one-room apartments put on the kitchen sofa with a bed. In a small room the sofa is placed where there is space, but if the desire to put upholstered furniture is not constrained by square meters, you can consider several options.

1. The optimal solution for a rectangular room is the placement of the sofa opposite the work area. This is the most common way in which furniture along the walls does not constrain movements in the kitchen.

2. In the kitchen with an island layout, the sofa is located either along the wall, opposite the island, or on the other side of the working area. On the photo of the kitchen design with a sofa, it is evident that in the second case there is more free space.

3. In the studio apartments, the sofa usually serves as a divider between the seating area and the kitchen.

  • If the quadrature of the kitchen allows you, you can put a few chairs, a coffee table, in the center, a soft carpet. Paintings on the walls and bright decorative pillows will make this area not just a comfortable corner, but a favorite place for friendly meetings.

    Which sofa model to choose

    A modern assortment of this kind of products offers us a choice of two options for decorating the kitchen: with the help of angular and direct sofas. For a small area the most convenient option is a corner sofa in the kitchen. This model has several advantages. Firstly, you can add household items to it, thereby saving space. Secondly, a small sofa in the kitchen looks much more comfortable than ordinary chairs, and it's much more comfortable to sit on it. This corner is quite suitable for eating and will save you from having to create a dining area in the living room.

  • If there is no room for a corner sofa, you can always choose your direct model. A wide range of designs, sizes, colors, textures will allow you to choose soft furniture for any kitchen. It is only necessary to remember that the armrests and side walls look cumbersome. But drawers under the sofa will not be superfluous. It is worth giving preference to monolithic models. A folding sofa in the kitchen takes up a lot of space, but it can not be replaced if there are not enough beds. In the kitchen with a bay window, you simply need to equip a cozy sitting area. The sofa bed is best ordered individually so that it fits the size and harmonizes with the overall design.

    In addition to choosing the shape of the sofas for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the style of their decoration, tk. it should fit organically into the interior of this room. In this case, there are much more choices, and, in principle, it will not be difficult to choose the most appropriate type of kitchen decoration. The only limitation is that the choice should be made taking into account the specifics of the room, i.e. the materials from which the sofa is made must have excellent water and dust repellent properties, and the piece of furniture should be placed on small legs to allow you to regularly make a wet cleaning under it.

  • Design sofa in the kitchen

    The interior of the kitchen with a sofa looks much more attractive. An important issue is the choice of the material and the color of the product. Here the main thing is not to lose. For a small room will fit light colors. Of course, such a color is impractical, but you can always order removable covers. They are easy to wash or clean, and with their help you can update the design of furniture. In a monochrome kitchen, a sofa with a pattern will look good – it can be both a bright print and a strict strip. Fashionable novelty is a sofa of purple color. The filler is better to choose synthetic, as the increased humidity in the room, in addition to fatty, coffee and other spots, can provoke the development of fungus. The carcass material must be strong and carefully treated otherwise there is a risk of cracking the sofa.

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