Sofa in the interior of the living room


The sofa not only creates an atmosphere of comfort and comfort in the living room. Correctly picking up the sofa itself, its color, shape and location, you can change the room beyond recognition!

Sofa in the interior of the living room: location

Where to put the sofa? There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on the size of the room, the location of windows, doors, TV and many other factors. One, we repeat, there is no prescription, but there are several universal tips.

If the living room is large:

A large corner sofa – the perfect solution! He is not only comfortable and comfortable, but will show the consistency of its owner and will cater to the corners in the room. In addition, many models are equipped with folding and coffee tables, shelves and various other items. And you can put a sofa in the middle of the room in front of the TV. This option, of course, takes more useful space, but it looks more interesting than traditional ones. Just be aware that rear couches most often do not upholst, and therefore put them in the center of the living room will not work.

If the living room is small

It is better to put in it an ordinary small sofa along the wall. And if it is also sliding, it can be used as an extra bed. By the way, some models of sofas have niches for storing things. This will also help save space.

If you put a coffee table in a small living room, it's better to have a glass table. It will look almost weightless.

Color and material

If both the walls and the furniture in the room are the same color, they will merge into one mash. If they contrast strongly, then nothing good will come of it either. Although the latter option is suitable for black and white interior. The sofa of traditional colors – blue, black, brown and beige – perfectly fits into the living room of quiet colors. White is suitable for a room of pastel color.

You can, on the contrary, make a sofa a bright spot, choosing for him a red, yellow or green color.

Get something interesting .

Materials should be selected as carefully as colors. In the living room is always going to a lot of people, so the sofa, more precisely, the materials from which it is made, should be wear-resistant.

The skin looks just luxurious, but it costs a lot of money. And artificial leather is cheaper, but not inferior in performance.

Popular are velor, tapestry, flock. But they are short-lived enough. But jacquard and chenille serve much longer, although their price is almost the same.

You can combine several materials in one couch: make a seat and a back, for example, from a shenille, and armrests – from artificial leather. Combinations – a lot!

Choosing a sofa, it is worth remembering that it will not be replaced soon. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the color, shape, materials and location of its location.

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