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Small Kitchen Ideas

Tips for the best placement of small kitchen appliances

Everyone knows the three largest items of kitchen appliances that everyone needs: a refrigerator, a stove and a dishwasher. But over the years, small specialized devices have become widespread. Toasters, mixers, blenders, food processors, household kneaders, waffle makers, coffee makers and many other gadgets have become a part of our kitchens. But where do we […]

Pushing the pressing boundaries of the usual space – an amazing transformation of a small kitchen after a reasonable re-planning of the premises

In today's review, we propose to consider the transformation of a small kitchen by adequate redevelopment using the example of architect Dan Morales. Owners of the majestic house in colonial style intended to modernize the premises, create a more modern, not too strict room for both the reception of guests and for everyday family breakfasts […]

Kitchen island in a small kitchen: a selection of compact models

Kitchen island in a small kitchen Have you ever thought about the fact that a kitchen island in a small kitchen can become a real salvation? This does not seem logical, but sometimes it is with its help that it is easiest to ensure the availability of storage space. Folding islet Oasis – ingenious development. […]

Kitchen island legs: a small detail with a large value

It's time to discuss one very important detail of the kitchen island, namely the legs. There are so many options for their design that it is not easy to decide which one is right. Even experienced professionals can hesitate to resolve this issue, and what can we say about ordinary landlords who have only directories […]